[Archive] Use this as IG with GW



I need some GW IG, and I thought about using FW IG and just swapping the hand weapon with a GW. That means that they will carry GW and shield, would that look funny?

I also thought about using the Scibor figs, doing the same thing

Boyars set of 6 miniatures 28MA0019

Could either of those work?

Thommy H:

I don’t think it would look any funnier than this:


Those pictures of the big hats are a perfect example of how far plastic injection molding has come. Just look at them, are the eyebrows on the helmet? or is the helmet molded to rest on the eyebrows.

Love it.


Everybody knows that the big bushy eyebrows curl up over the hat. Its just plain silly for it to be any other way

lady deathstroke:

my dad gave me a bunch of those old plastics when i told him i was going to play chaos dwarfs they are sooooo bad

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Oh come on have some love for the big hats. They deserve it. :slight_smile:


They’re not that horrible. I’ve got one and its just the monopose and outdated tech. Still a characterful model and I’ll use mine.


WTF!?!? Good old big hats are outdated but still pretty cool if painted in a proper way. I love them despite the many defects.

Do not believe? Look at these�?�.




I fully agree with Bassman;)!

Answering Yodrin, a year ago I saw on the internet a very nice conversion made using Infernal Guards bodies and these arms. They looked very good! Unfortunately it was an e-bay auction so I can’t find any pic anymore…