[Archive] Using Chaos Dwarfs as Chaos


Here are a list of suggestions on using your Chaos Dwarf army as Chaos. Remember that it will be a Chaos army so you won’t be able to use all of your Chaos Dwarf tactics.


Nearly all infantry in the Chaos Dwarf army is on 20mm bases. Rather than convert them to 25mm bases that Chaos infantry uses, you could make a movement tray (or something that goes in one) which spaces the models out the correct amount. It will look a lot like a scenic display base and gives you a lot of scope for adding more character to the army. You can angle the models a lot more and never have problems with ranking up. Small grooves or pin holes every 25mm can show where the edges of the bases would be. For single characters it is easiest to stick the 20mm base on top of a 25mm base with some temporary putty like blu-tac.

The Army Itself

In a “counts as” army you need to have everything as clear as possible to avoid confusing your opponent. A confused opponent will get annoyed at you and might even consider you as a cheat. The two ways of doing this are:

1. Use your CD units as similar Chaos units (i.e. don’t use blunderbusses as Ungors!) and be consistant (don’t have one Chaos Dwarf unit as Chaos Warriors and one as Marauders). It should be a Mortal army.

2. Make the “counts as” choices clear before the battle. Write down what each unit counts as on a piece of paper and give it to your opponent before the battle - he’ll have no way to accuse you of intentionally confusing him.

With close friends you’ll have fewer problems (I must have played with and against all of the get-you-by lists using a few Goblin models and a pack of post-it notes back in 4th edition)


Taurus/Lammasu on their own can easily pass as a Daemon Prince, or if they are mounted they can count as a Chaos Lord on a dragon. Bull Centaur characters can count as Chaos Champions on steeds (or even Exalted Daemons and Doombulls if you put them on a different size base, but this may be confusing if you have other Bull Centaurs or Minotaurs in the army). Other characters can just be Chaos Champions or Sorcerers.


Easy: Chaos Dwarfs count as Chaos Warriors, Bull Centaurs as Knights, Hobgoblins or other greenskins as Marauders (which can be mounted too). Since these are the main basis for a CD army you should have a solid number of core units.

Hobgoblins could also feasibly represent certain beast units, but if they do then try not to also include Hobgoblins as Marauders. Also remember that those beast units are Skirmishers, which makes it more difficult to resolve the different base sizes.

Shooting and War Machines

Obviously there are some pretty severe restrictions on things like shooting. A Hellcannon would fit well if your opponens allow it. If you want any other shooting in the army then your best bet is to use the rules for Tzeentch Daemons, which have some magical shooting attacks. You could use warriors with blunderbusses, or stick Deathrockets/Earthshakers on a movement tray, and have it count as Horrors making their flaming shots. This works well if you have converted your war machines to look like they have bound daemons in the same way as the Hellcannon. Another option is to include Dwarfs armed with crossbows from Dogs of War. Beyond these there isn’t much else.

Other stuff

The Chaos army has access to many other units that have no equivalents in the Chaos Dwarf army. While some of them are very suitable and can be fluffy (Ogres and Minotaurs particularly) others are less so and could be considered as cheesy as using a unit of Night Goblins in a Savage Orc army, even if it is allowed rules-wise.


Whirlwinds and tenderisers as chariots, sneaky gitz as ambushing beastmen and black orcs as bestigor could work as well


It would probably be more challenging to play against than to play with (unless you were playing against someone whose knowledge of CD and Chaos was equivalent to your own).


Great idea but I think it would be much easier if you used 25mm bases for the chaos warriors IMHO.


Trouble is you can’t then use them as normal CDs


A unit of Horrors can also take flamers. These guys could be Chaos Dwarves with Shoulder Rockets or Bazookas…