[Archive] Using Lord of the Rings Dwarfs to Convert


Since the new war of the ring expansion is coming out for the lord of the rings game, I have noticed that the figs are very cheap, ie 20-24 troops for $25 and 6 calvary for $20-$25

This is a lot cheaper then warhammer, atleast for the basic foot soldiers. Now for calvary, its a bit cheaper, but still.

Would the dwarves from the lord of the rings be the same size and easy to use for CD with some conversions?

Also for any one who plays Vampire counts, GW is releasing the army of the dead box set, 20 of the army of the dead for $25, I know I will be getting some for my skele/grave gaurd.


They LotR dwarves are a bit smaller, if you dont mix them with WFB-dwarves it might work. Otherwise Im sceptical…


I’d say it would work fine…untill you ran into a dwarf army

LoTR figures are 25 mm sclae

warhammer is 28mm heroic

that means the dwarves are in porportion, so compared to warhammer dwarves, look rather thing, and of course, they’re shorter too.

but then, it’s your choice:)


LoTR models are smaller… and not just by 3mm… However, if you think realistically that all dwarves are not created to be the same height etc, then go for it.

However, be prepared to be denied entrance in some warhammer tournaments as the models are technically LoTR and not Warhammer and due to contractual policy, the two cannot be mixed at official sanctioned GW events… Otherwise feel free to use them if you’d like

Kera foehunter:

well you can say they are minners breed shorter to work in the mines


The no-mixing rule is over now from what I’ve heard, and has been for a couple of years.

Groznit Goregut:

It has been my understanding that they are slowly bringing the LOTR minis up to 28mm. Each new set makes the minis a little bit bigger than the last.


If you do a pure army, it would work especially if you’re not a big tournament goer or go to tournaments that are not GW sponsered.

I am a little skeptical… though using some of them as ‘younger’ Dwarfs, and then using GW ones as older Dwarfs could work too.


The no-mixing rule is over now from what I've heard, and has been for a couple of years.

You can buy bitz or packages now and you can mix parts, but not half LOTR and half warhammer. At least in the last 3 years of tourney circuits that is the word.

However, if the OP is not a tourney guy, it's irrelevant.