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I really do not know how to use magic in warhammer. All of my armies are really cr*p when it comes to magic. Could someone help me out on a good way to get my heros with magic, and also how to beef up my magic faze? (spelling there wrong? i think so to lazy to change)


well, you do know the basic magic rules? (spell selection, power/disppell dice generation ect)

I’ll assume you do, so the basics for magic is like this

at least 4 D dice is a must, and thats for a light magic phase, so 2 level 2’s works

Make sure you know what each lore can do, we have shadow, which is used for speed increase and disruption, death is direct and psychological damage, fire is realy simple, taking down folk with pure damage spells, and metal is goood against heavy shooting armies and armies with heavy armour

magic items are a bit trickier, but the list will say haw many points a model can have, so as long as you stick withing this boundry then you’re fine. Remeber that only mages can have arcane items, and if a model osen’t have acces to mundane armour they can’t have magic armour unless it says so. The item will tell you what it does:)

Uzkul Werit:

Luckily with Chaos Dwarfs, we have both a good set of Lores and not many (good) magic items, so you can’t get too confused.

Ancient History:

[[Chaos Dwarf Magic Tactics]]