[Archive] Using Screws for Blunderbusses


I have something crazy like 75 BFSP thunderers… and need a way to make them blunderbussical. Heres some pics of recent attempts…

bfsp - blunder from emp militia - sheet rock screw head - brass screw




Nice idea, it seems to fit perfectly.

What did you do with the notch/s on top?


I made a topic about using screws on HoH a long time back, good to know it works! :slight_smile:


I will be filling in the notch in the screw head with greenstuff. Sheet-rock screws seem to have the best bugle shape but the heads are a little large so I will hit them with the grinder if I use them. after I cut the screw head off I use the grinder to make the cut flat.

death bringer:

very nice idea i heard someone used the top of golf tees

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Now that looks very nice indeed!

I tried to use screws as the base for my very first big hats, but I just failed at cutting those screws… badly. What do you use to cut them apart?


I think a ‘Dremmel’ or Proxxon multitool would do the job for you nicely, but is it pined? I haven’t had any succes drilling a hole in a screw head!