[Archive] Using the K'Daai Destroyer as cannon screen

Groznit Goregut:

Hi All,

I’ve been thinking about playing a Lammasu list and am highly worried about cannons. I’m not getting enough games in and it’s all theory at this point. I know there are a number of things you can do to try make it safe using the Charmed Shield and other items. I’ve got a question about not even getting hit.

What about using the K’Daai Destroyer as a cannon shield? It’s big and has a big base. It will require the cannon to re-roll To Wound. It has a 4+ Ward Save. It probably won’t die in one shot. So…couldn’t it be used as a good cannon screen? Perfect, no, but much better than nothing? I think so.

K’Daai Fireborn might work, too. Not as good as a Destroyer, but still better than nothing.

Vardan Painkiller:

Destroyer is best when pushed into first possible combat, u can hide behind hills and buildings.


Lets start from the start.
1 charmed shield or any defense gear you take will only help the rider not the flying cow.  So keep that in mind when you try to stave off cannonball to the face.  As it is the 4th template and hits everything under it (on the bounce of course).
2 the flying cow does have the reroll wound if not magical rule does it not?  That is not going to necessarily save you but it can now and then.
3 the flying cow has 5 wounds if I recall correctly plus it is healed when its affected by fire magic.  Which simply means you need a level 2 engineer that has flaming sword tossing that spell on the cow every turn you have been wounded.  Between 5 wounds and some one tossing healing you should only die to a lucky 5 or 6 wounds rolled.
I would dare say the odds of your cow dying from a now magical cannon ball are rather low.  Like really low.
1 bounce you are on a 4 inch base (or is it 2 inch sqaure?)  Either way that means if the shot is too close it can easily bounce over.  Too far back and it has a lesser chance of digging in before it hits you.
2 once it does hit, the rider can ignore it on a 2+ if hes wounded(odds of a 1 are still 1 in six), the cow can’t ignore it but he does a 2 in six chance of not being wounded.(first roll to wound then reroll if succesfull 2 chances for a 1 or a 2 in six).
3 if the wound actually sticks he then must roll a 5 to kill you out right, which is once again a 2 in six.  It can happen but odds are low enough that it should not happen in one cannon shot.
4 as long as your alive and you have 4 levels of fire magic out there some one knows flaming sword, (2 lvl2s or 2lvl 1’s and a lvl2 any combantion so that you have 4 levels worth of casters in the fire lore, not an actual level 4 caster) and thats one wound per turn coming back.  Because trust me they are saving there dice for ashstorm.
5you are a flyer and flying at them full speed turn 1 onwards, they get 2 shots at max to take you out.  If they are shooting you you get to shoot back with unmolested arty of your own.  Also your kadii is running there with out suffering any wounds.

Groznit Goregut:

@Vardan Painkiller: yes, but I’m thinking of a very aggressive list. Why not have the Lammasu fly up behind the Destroyer?

@Geist: That is all great if I am using a Taurus, but I’m planning on using a Lammasu.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’d go with K’daii Fireborn if I were you. A unit of 6 will be two deep, that’s twice the chance for a 4+ ward save, plus twice the chance he’ll roll a 1 and not kill one again ending the cannonball. Sure they only move 6" but if they move up 12" on the first turn and then he should be where he needs to be by turn 2.

Grimbold Blackhammer

Da Crusha:

I used the lammasu extensively with RH. speed is it’s greatest defense. just makes sure to hide behind buildings and hiding behind the destroyer can be good to offer some protection but there is a chance that a cannon can take out all 3, the destroyer, the prophet and lammasu on the same turn. also close combat means cover against cannons so rush into safe combats as well. also you might want to go directly towards a cannon and then snipe it. Ive done that against dwarfs before and nailed 3 warmachines with the large purple sun. also, if you can get between the cannon and other enemy troops, then there is a chance that he can hit his own troops (rolls 10, 10 on the artillery dice) and won’t be able to legally shoot.