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The team looks good on the pictures. Never played fantasy football games myself so I have no clues what is good ruleswise, but I like the models.

Do you plan to keep the colors similar to the companies pictures or do you plan something other?


I’ve been playing Bloodbowl for years (along with Necromunda which I will be restarting later this year) so am fairly confident that I can start levelling my players up at about game 2-3 with some decent skills, I’m in this for the long game so the first 5 or so games make very little difference overall for the actual results. If I don’t have at least Guard on two of my Chaos Dwarfs by that point I’ll start getting worried and may have to sack some players, or hire some Hobgoblin Cheerleaders.

I’m planning on having the colours as Black and Gold as this will tie in with my WHFB army colour scheme with The Chaos Dwarf Rune for Volcano/Fury on the Gauntlets or other prominent positions on the armour


Nice lead-in write up. Good Luck with the league.


�?oGood Morning Sports fans, today marks the start of the Pre-Season of the widely anticipated Leeds Division, we have one long season in front of us and the hard work starts now. Joining me, Bob Bifford and my colleague Jim Johnson in the Studio today is the Head Coach of one of this Season�?Ts �?~Must Watch�?T Teams the Uzkulak Lammasu�?Ts. So over to Jim for his interview with Head Coach Miasma. Morning Jim.�?�

�?oThank you Bob. Well Good Morning, with me here on this rather Bleak and Dreadfully Dreary Training Ground in Uzlukak, The Lava is Hot and The Snow is cold. We have Miasma the Head Coach of the Lammasu�?Ts, So Miasma tell me a little about your team and you expectations for the Season Ahead.�?�

Hello everyone, so my Local Game Club has decided that with all the uproar and unrest with the expectation of the �?onew�?� edition of Warhammer we would let this pass us by (mostly) and instead focus for a little while on Blood Bowl. We would start up a League and also run a Cup Competition alongside (like the English Premier League and FA Cup) Now in the last couple of Warhammer/40K/Malifaux Tournaments I managed to gain a couple of podium finishes and as a result have pooled my winning together to purchase myself a Bloodbowl Team from Roll Jordan Miniatures. These have arrived with me this morning.

So to the Roster, I decided that this time around I would play with a Chaos Dwarf Team and retire my Norse Team (The Kul Kraken�?Ts) to my Friends Son for him to play in the same league as he has been after a Norse Team for a few years and EBay is less then price Friendly for picking up these models. For the League (and Cup Competition) we are using the Living Rulebook 5 which is available Here. I decided pretty Quickly that I wanted to include the full amount of Chaos Dwarf Blockers in my Roster as well as 3 Re Rolls as the Chaos Dwarfs mainly gain experience from inflicting Casualties and gaining MVP points they level up quiet slowly compared to Touchdown Models.  I wanted at Least 3 Re Rolls upon the start of the League as after the Roster Creation stage these Double in Cost and I want to be able to save for other players and an apothecary as quickly as possible, I considered starting with 2 Re Rolls but I know for a fact that it will be tough, I want 4 but couldn�?Tt afford it due to my next choice�?�

I also wanted to Start off with a Minotaur in the team since I typically shy away from The Big Guys and tend to play with as Full a Roster as possible but decided for a change of pace, the issue of including the Minotaur is that I will be unable to start with my Four Re Rolls or any Bull Centaurs, the decision to include the Minotaur early is that again he will be in the Line of Scrimmage (LOS) and levels up due to inflicting Casualties and awarded MVP much like the Chaos Dwarf Blockers. The Bull Centaurs are great players and can quickly level up with touchdowns as well as casualties and MVP points plus they start with a nice selection of skills so I have faith that my choices will pay off in the Long Run.

Here is my Starting Roster

5 Hobgoblins

6 Chaos Dwarf Blockers

1 Minotaur

3 Re Rolls

20,000 Treasury

Also a Quick note on the Quality of the Models, I have not purchased a Multi Part Metal Model in Years so was surprised at the weight of the package that landed on my desk this morning. However I have to say that after a small glance at the casts that these are fantastic miniatures with very little in the way of mould lines and I am very excited to start cleaning (due to the mould release that I can see in some of the crevices) and assembling these models prior to the Season Starting in June

�?oThank you Miasma, I will let you go now as it seems that your Hobgoblin players are up to something suspicious with that ball and your cheerleaders, back to you in the Studio Bob!�?�