[Archive] Vaftrudnirs Chaos Dwarfs


A lurker emerges from the dark northern wastes :wink:

Ive finally started a wfb chaos dwarf army, I made some for mordheim some years ago while I followed the old chaos dwarf forum.

Some old sketches(4+ years) and my mordheim warband.


The stuff Im working on atm is the bottom of three magma cannons and deathshrieker rockets(cannon/rocket will be changeable)

Im also working on some test chaos dwarf and bull centaur.

Plus Im thinking about trying to make some k´daii fireborn almost the same way I made the orc idol.


But if so how am I going to do the head etc.

Ive done some more stuff since the last photo, will try to take some new ones later today.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



I’m very curious to see your upcoming efforts - aepecially the BC and your K’daai Fireborn models! :cheers

Also quite nice sketches, like mostly your Hobgoblins!



Rough WIP of the k´daii

Magma cannons close to done. Instead of some lava “watergun” I imagine the shots like some sort of fire deamons trapped in crystals.

Im planing to do one chaos dwarf per gun and some random slaves as crew (I really want to make a chaos dwarf thats beating the living&(#% out of an elf)


Is the blue material High Density Foam? I think it all looks great!


Hey - great idea using the foam to create the k"daii!


This looks great so far!


Some nice looking stuff here! I’ll watch it’s development with interest!


I really like how this is shaping up. Keep going!


You’re doing fine, keep on detailing the guns and don’t forget the wheels and they’ll be really sweet! That Magma cannon battery will be fearsome.

By the way, you could test to do some damaged rocks on the K’dai by applying a drop of plastic or super glue to the foam. If you try it, do it on a loose part of foam first, because otherwise you might want to remove an already glued-on foam piece.


looking good, just remember not to spray paint the k’daai unless you want molten foam.


Oooeh, Looking good! nice builds you’ve got there. This is a blog i’ll be keeping a close eye on.

keep it up (:


Thanks for the kind words mates.

As for the foam I know glue/spray paint will eat trough it like a hungry ogre trough a fine elf stake :wink:

Any constructive criticism? Feel free to give me a punch.


Great Stuff!

I liked so much of the cannons!


:hat off


Liking the cannons

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Update time :cheers


Woot! Those K’daai look great!


Yupp, just hope that they aint too fragile!


Not to worry Im going to give them a wash of watered down wood glue so in the end theyl survive more falls than any metal model :wink:

Just to update, Ive started to sculpt on the fireborn heads and some of the flames on the bodies (I hate sculpting flames btw).

Plus Ive started to work on the mantic zombie thats going to be the elf slave thats getting a beating :cheers


these k´daii are looking really great

your patience modelling these guys…:hat off


Slowly working on the fireborn, bad pic of the heads I know. Will get back to them later.
And I got myself some mantic games dwarfs to make some CDs out of :hat
Too bad the shields look like &"%&" I need to find some other shields.