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Hi you guys,

I have a hard time putting a price on my minies, since i see a lot of different prices, so I thought, you experienced dwarfs might be able to help me out. I will through a slave at the first six answers, with an answer to my quistion :cheers

Heres what I got:

2 Prophets on Lammasus- Metal

1 Prophet on Taurus - metal

2 Demon Smiths Metal

3 Dark Castellans (2 speciel old character) -Metal - one have banner poles with the attached banners, 1 have the two banner poles, 1 will include two banners to be drilled in

51 Infernal Gaurds - 23 Metal (Including two command gropus - one banner even have the original banner attached to the pool)

46 Infernal Gaurds with blunderbuss including two command groups. (The banner poles are intact but dont have banners attached)

7 Wolf Riders with bows, 1 with banner (1 needs a base) - some have never been painted!

18 Wolf riders including one muscician and two banners (one of the banner poles have been broken and need regluing), theese have swords pined to their hands.

- alot of the tales have been come off but comes in a bag seperatly and needs to be glued - i also include in this goody bag an ekstra banner bearer with banner (the banner have been broken and needs fixing). - somewhere in here are the original Wolf Boyz I belive - Im pretty certain one of the Khans on wolf are the one from that set in any case). The Riders are all metal, some of the wolfs are too, some are not

5 Khans on foot - Metal

3 Khans on wolf (I belive one of theese are the original Wolf Boyz Khan) -Metal

3 Earthquake Mortars - Metal - 1 with banner pole and banner

3 Deathschrieker rockets - Metal

21 Centauers -Metal- - 1 is a homemade Taruk, made from the blood bowl set. This includes one banner-bearer with Pole and banner. 5 have never been asembled. One is missing an arm and one is missing a hand weapon.

46 sneaky gitz with HW -Metal - including 1 Banner bearer with banner and 1 muscian

29 sneaky gitz with Bow -Metal- Including 1 banner bearer (banner is broken off and needs fixing) and 1 Musician

1 Astragoth on Stilts -Metal

1 Hell Cannon

1 Flame Cannon (From BFTSP I belive (that plastic thingy for 8 bucks))

1 Tenderizer

1 Balrog (used as a K’daai destroyer)

1 large dwarf from WoW (used as a K’daai destroyer)


At least tree fidy

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At least tree fidy

Don't you give that monster no tree fidy


If you can get it I would say 1100�,� would be a nice price. ATM I would value a character around 8, a metal one around 4, those wolf riders (if original) around 7-8�,�.

Especially the hobgoblins could bring you much better prices if sold single or in small groups. The warmachines on the other side are not going really well at the evil bay atm (15-30�,�).


I think a thousand euros isn’t far off if you decide to sell pieces seperately.

If you’re impatient, and sell it as a whole in one lot, then the 350 rpitts stated will be about the maximum you’ll get for it.


Thank you!

I will give a slave to the last two answers!

Kind regards


Thank you!
I will give a slave to the last two answers!

Kind regards

I ebay lots of stuff specifficaly Warhammer and MTG.

The hobbo sneaky gits sell from $5-$7 each

BCs' I can average $7-$10 each

If your Wolfriders are Hobbos right about $7 each if they are normal goblins you might get $3 each.

Your Tarus/Lamausu/Warmachines complete can land $25-50 they have a pretty wide gap just depends on how badly one wants somthing and how many are available. I would start them at $20

Your IG are pretty static at $5 per dude might fetch about $6 per dude on the blunders

Your deamonsmith/castellian/astrogath can get $8-$15 reliably

if you pull the commands and sell them seprately you might score $20 per

Your plastic dudes on the other hand might get you $2-3 each

this is the ball park of how I normally fare I have sold 2-3 Chaos Dwarf armies in the last few years and I also ALWAYS break them up into lots of 10-20 dudes and strip them first. Stripping the metals with a product called Goof Off is fast and easy and they resell and clean up well. DO NOT USE GOOF OFF ON PLASTICS OF ANY SORT. If you use it to strip your minis pop off the bases. The paint disolves off the minis and really all you need to do is rinse. You can leave them in the solution for days if you want but it only takes about 5 min for the stuff to be effective.