[Archive] very nicely painted army for sale


Hi all, I am looking to sell my bighat style CD army. It’s painted to a high standard, and has won a best army awards in past USGTs. Total points value is upwards of 5K pts, but am willing to sell piecemeal. I’m looking for around $2k for the lot.


some pics here, but the army is about twice this size, including both flyers, more war machines, more hobbos, dwarves etc.

email me at

matt(at) sjiassociates.com if interested. thanks!

Pyro Stick:

Is there any chance of you splitting it up/selling units seperately?

Hashut’s Blessing:

LOVELY army. I think you’ll most likely have to sell it piecemeal. Even if it’s splitting it into two or three armies.

Ghrask Dragh:

I remember looking at that website, awesome stuff!

The Lord on the palaquin really stood out :cheers


very nice army, such a shame for you to let it go.


MATT!!! Brad here… The former GW staff guy…

LOVE your army matey… It is beautiful. Sorry to see it go…



I know your army. It’s beautiful! I wish it will not be splitted…


Awesome army Matt. I personally think you should keep it.


NOOOOOOOOO the Doompa Loompas are being sold!!! First Vintage Freak and now this!!! NOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOO!