[Archive] Very Short Warriors of Chaos


So I have a local tourney next Sunday. The TOs will not let me take my stunty guys so they are having to pretend to be taller than they are and pass themselves off as WoC.

My list is;

Sorcerer Lord; L4,Charmed Shield, Puppet, Tali of endurance, Third Eye,

Overseer/Exhaulted Hero BSB; MoTz, Shield, GW, Tali of Preservation

39x Gobbos/Marauders; GW MoK

18x Warriors; MoK GW Flag Mu

18x Warriors; MoTz HW+Sh FC

5x wolf riders/ Marauder horse; throwing axes

AA with spears

Demon engine/ Warshrine


Any comments gratefully received!

Glimpse the Void:

Looks well rounded. Is this 2k? What lore is your sorc taking? (shadow makes dreams come true)

Everything looks great, but I recommend taking halberds over GW for your khorne block. Chaos warriors are initative 4, and it is a shame to waste it.


Hi GtV.

Yup 2 k and Yup to shadow. I had toyed with Tz (as this works really well with puppet) but in truth I needed the points for units and shadow is none too shabby anyway.

On the GW v Halberd issue I figure S5 is exponentially better than 4 when you factor in both to wound roles and armour saves and can even open up heavy cav. Ini won’t matter too much I believe as there is not much out there these days that you can totally destroy in one round. In the all the huge number of practice games I have had with WoC (2!) it has been quite funny the lengths people will go to to keep the hell away from this unit.

EDIT: oops sorry GtV I’ve just reread your post for some reason I thought you were talking about the marauders not the warriors even though your post was quite clear. You are right and my list has been amended accordingly.


So tourney was yesterday and I managed a creditable 7th out of 20 with 2 wins and one horrible loss which isn’t too shabby given that I had only managed 2 games with WoC until then!

Game 1 was an all infantry dwarf list IRC 15 crossbow dudes  25 warriors GW, 25 Iron breakers, 30 Slayers and a large selection of characters.  It was quite a formidable stack of units. We played random deployment which resulted in my Gen and unit being stuck on one flank with my marauder horde and shrine on the other facing almost all his army, which deployed after me. Yoiks! Hell cannon was suitably nasty but the highlight was my marauders seeing off his Slayers over a few rounds and with the help of a +1 att buff and then charge from the Shrine. In fact that was the only unit totally destroyed in the whole game but it gave me a win by 300 + pts which was enough for something like 3300 Tournament points.

Game 2 was against a seasoned tourney vet with his nice shiney new OnGs. In summary the game was; keep out of the way of that bl**dy great spider. I kept Miasma’ing its movement and just moved everything away from it for the whole game. Highlights; His unit of 20 Blorks + general charging the front of my Khorne warriors getting bumwhupped, fleeing and getting run down. Or was it Tz block getting combo charged (due to 2 VERY lucky charge roll distances in turn 6) by 25 big uns and a the remains of a gobbo hoard taking only 1 wound winning and running the gobbos + shaman down. End result a win giving me (I believe) 3800 Tournament points.

Game 3; …and here it all went wrong. One word; Gateway. My big Tz unit with BSB and L4 vanishes from the table on t2. He out played me but equally he hit every roll and I missed every roll. Even so he deserved the BIG win he got which was something like 1700 pts and that, dear reader is what shoved me down to 7th.

Good tourney though and lots of interest in CDs. Everyone was really positive about the potential for their return and several comments were made about what a shame it was that I had to play them as WoC. Happily the TO said that he would not dock my painting score for WYZIWYG which helped in the overall results.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Matt Howley who is the UK’s top WoC player (10th place) who came second with what I believe is Bobo The Vampire Monkey’s VC ETC build. It’s naaasty and would probably have won overall but for a puppeted miscast on his general when playing against the guy who schooled me in my final game.

Good day out and I recommend the Aftermath Tourney to anyone fancing a friendly 1 day’er in East Anglia (along with Storm in the East in Oct).