[Archive] Veshnakar's Harbingers of Hashut (updated)


So this is kind of a place holder for one I start getting the basing and such done on these guys! Just wanted to show you all the (daunting) army I have on my hands!!

I have a week off of work coming up and I will likely get a lot of work on them done!



Update! For those that don’t want to go the second page, here are the armor colors for the poll, from left to right they are 1, 2, and 3.


Holy moly, I’ve never seen so many Forgeworld Chaos Dwarfs together! Looking forward to seeing your progress :slight_smile:


Jeez. Just collecting wise this is one hell of a start


My god, there’s a few quid there mate as for painting try not to go insane and remember to take regular tea breaks:)


And are there any updates? Must send you a slave to help with the painting!


Wow, you have a lot of painting to do, GL mate. Also remember to eat, sleep and sh…t aswell :cheers


What fits on two shelves and is over 3 grand?


What fits on two shelves and is over 3 grand?

Erm... A Pharaoh's head?

2 £1500 notes?


Vesh I’d be pretty pissed too if someone said they were going not allow LoA in your club, I mean look at that collection.


Well at least you can understand my pain now. :frowning: I sold all of my other painted armies, some of which were very precious to me, just to be able to afford this army on my limited income.

On the positive side, I think I am alright using them as dwarfs for the time being. I’m just really going to miss Magic, my Iron Daemon, Monsters, and the Hobgobs.

Sorcerer Prophets as Rune Smiths, potentially one on anvil to maintain some semblance of magic

Hobgoblins as dwarf warriors

Infernal Guard as Longbeards/Ironbreakers

Infernal Guard w/fireglaives as thunderers

Deathshrieker as cannon

Magma Cannon as Flame Cannon

Hellcannon/Dreadquake as Stone Throwers

Bale Taurus as an unconvincing large based gyrocopter

At least until I can talk the new chaos dwarf guy into playing nice, it’s going to be hard to convince them otherwise.


I would be glad to play against any cool painted army, but then I am known to loose most of my games anyway.

Too bad you are too far away. And no one seems to be in the air force and stationed in Germany.


Woha, nice collection. But won’t it be a pain to paint an assembled Iron Deamon/Dreadquake etc.?

I feel very sorry, for what’s happening in your gaming group. It’s exactly what I already feared in this thread.

But I also think that the units you were trying to “rebalance” in the other thread are acctually balancing the whole list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also have a question: In the pic with your chars and the Taurus, what is the mini behind the non-bsb-castellan and the one directly behind the deamonsmith? Can’t recognise them ATM…

And what is the coccatrice for? SoM?

Good luck and keep going! :hat off



You should let us know where your club is at so we all can call and complain to the owner =D

Lava Lord:

:o That is a fortune is CD’s. Have ya hired a 24hr security firm?? lol.

And it is one impressive site. I envy ya, enjoy… :cheers


You should let us know where your club is at so we all can call and complain to the owner =D

Dude definitely! Don't care how much a drive it is! I'll do it xD



Can’t wait to see them painted.


Time of Madness:

Has anyone calculated the points? Has to be over 5000pts of Chaos Dwarfs.

Where are the Fireborn? :slight_smile:

Time of Madness


Just got bored in a commercial break, so I calculated it. ^^

I came to 4781 pts without magic items, but I didn’t include the two chars that I do not recognize.



Hold your horses guys! I have 6 Juggernaut converted K’daai, a Lammasu, a great taurus, a Deathshrieker, 40 more hobgobs, and a Destroyer on my desk! Only so much cabinet space. :wink:

Hopefully I will get some progress on these guys soon! Have some time off of work coming up soon. I still owe DAGabriel an Infernal Guard too!


Don`t hurry, paint happy!