[Archive] Video bat rep vs. Dark Elves


Hey guys, here is the two part video clip of my battle vs. Dark Elves. I know there were several mistakes made on my part and i post them in the comments of the videos.



Da Crusha:

hey brotsworrow, didn’t you say that they bribed you to play it like that or something in another thread?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

It’s always good to see the Chaos Dwarves on the field! There were a LOT of mistakes made which typically isn’t a big deal (but in this case there were an insane amount). But playing the Chalice of Blood and Darkness that way sure isn’t going to make us any friends. :mad


The guy doing the video bat rep asked me to play it that way. We discussed it off camera and after he read the FAQ he was convinced that is the way it is supposed to play. He gets a lot of flack for playing DE with two hydras and dreadlord so he wasn’t worried about “being nice”. A lot of armies have cheese, its part of the game. Also, it was for $50.00 store credit if i won.

As for mistakes, i posted a few that i caught after watching it. He had never played CDs before and i haven’t played a game since 6th edition… lots of learning going on.


That is what was use to be called a comedy of errors.

Kera foehunter:

you did good!!!did they fly you to Hollywood to film it?