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I just got a new computer with vista and with my eperiances its a pain in the ass.Just to get internet back I had to call a help line,and don’t get me started on that thing were it asks you quetions, but don’t get me wrong its still awsome to hook my internet up plug in all the cables and wam it works.I still can’t decide if I like it or not.


I had the option of it with my new laptop at christmas-ish for free i turned it down because i knew that considering they just got XP sorted it would be a harder to get to work than a rebellious black orc

Pyro Stick:

The only Vista ive seen was the slowest, most painful thing i have ever seen. They will be fixing bugs in it for about a year before it is worth getting.


Hey what do you know vista actully goes fast.After a 4hour wait.:frowning:

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Vista is just XP, but with shinier baubles.

The Flying Beaver:

Question: I’m getting a laptop soon. Should I go with XP, Vista or a Mac?


It depends on what you want to do. Personally, I’d get a Mac. OS X is a lot more stable (I think any Windows fan would still agree), and if you’re just using it as an internet browser/word processor, Macs are great for what they do.

I wouldn’t get Vista for a while if I were you. Of course, you could try to learn an easy Linux distro like Ubuntu, but sometimes they act funky with wireless printers and such.


I vote mac! I used to be a hardcore mac supporter, but then I bought a pc because I wanted to use more software. After two years of pc use tho, I’m not happy with how it performed. Lots of arcane error messages and wierd jury-rigging that I had to do - it has been unfortunate. So now I’m all about the macs again. Particularly for a laptop, because I don’t expect you’ll be doing much gaming on it either way, and it will run photos/video/internet/etc just fine.

Regarding Vista: Yeah I have heard many unfortunate things about it. I get the sense that there’s no point in upgrading to it yet, but if you buy a new computer that has it anyway it’s not a big deal.


OSX and XP are pretty similar

the biggest difference between the 2 for me is how many buttons you like on your mice.


the new macs can cross platform… what more could you ask for?


Vista is pretty pointless for most people. I’ve used XP for ages and I haven’t seen a single thing that Vista can do that I can’t already do on my XP machines with the right software (and most of it is free anyway).

It’s all marketing, like the new iPhone which isn’t half as revolutionary as they say it is (even worse, it won’t have most of the well used features that most phones have now either). The touch screen is the only really interesting thing on it and they’ve been out in S Korea for a while now, although they aren’t as widely available outside, it was only a matter of time before someone did a major release of them.

So Vista: looks nice, does nothing special, loads of your programs won’t work, lots of bugs.


Can anyone tell me how to get sound back on please?


XP is nice. Quite stable. Macs are… well Macs, either they are your thing, or they are not.

Unless you are computer savvy, hold off on Vista for now.


I am a diehard Mac user.


That’s a little hard Xander considering this is my only computer but yet I guess I can do without sound.


Gotta get more Savvy and get that problem fixed! :wink: