[Archive] Vogon Junior's Young Bloods entry


Hi all,

I just had to share this with you all.

Our little Gia (aged 8) decided that she wanted to come with me to Games Day this year and enter the Golden Daemon.

This was entirely her own idea and although I was very pleased I did not push her into it. She looked at all the models in GW Macc and decided on one she wanted to paint and here are the fruits of her labours.

This is all her own work and I was amazed at how determined she was and think that the end product is fantastic. Certainly better than anything I could’ve done at the age of 8.




This looks great! Higher standard than I ever remember painting when I started at 11. It’s certainly better than some of the older opponents armies I see being used!


That’s great. I can tell you’re rightfully very proud!


congrats… although i am ashamed to say she probably paints better than i do


Thanks guys, I showed her your posts and she is so excited for tomorrow.

Bed time for her now though a very early start in the morning :slight_smile:


Vogon (and Vogon Junior)


Good luck for tomorrow, I’ll keep an eye out for your entry


Wow just wow i cant even paint that good now, let alone 8


Saw yours at about 915! You did get here early!


We’re in line for the conversion comp if you want to say hello. I have a black Grivel backpack and Gia has a purple coat.


Good Luck Gia, thats great painting you’ve done. Hope you have a great time


That’s better than my savage orc boss, and I spent ages on mine… hope you both have a good time and good luck Gia!


So what a result? Winned something?

P.S. This orc much better that my own orcs when I started paint minis dozen years ago. But I’m 17 not 8.


A huge thank you to all you guys for your good luck wishes and encouragement.

Gia Did not unfortunately win any thing but did have a great day out. A special thanks to MLP who came and found us after our stint in the conversion competition. Gia while very shy around people she does not know did say that she thought you were very nice :slight_smile:

She has come away from today having seen what others have done and is determined to practice her painting and enter again next year.

And here is a pic of our very happy Vogon Junior




Still one or two steps away from a Sister of Battle.

Hope she stays with painting, mine is so involved with studies that painting has nearly come to a standstill.


that’s awesome mate and i have to agree with brotsorrow on she probably paints better than me too :slight_smile:

start a blog for her i say. she would be a celeb in no time :wink: