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Has anyone here made a volcano, I am interested to see your works and hear about your methods.

We are having a terrain making working bee on the weekend for the Warhammer club I am starting and any tips (especially chaos dwarf terrain) are well welcomed!

Thanyou :cheers

turquois dwarf:

i havnt personaly but i would sugest newspaper balls piled up and covered with papier mache then fill the crater with watered down paint and PVA glue.


Either foam or paper mache would be the easiest way. For added realism you can put a plastic tube down the middle, fill with baking soda, red food colouring and then add the vinegar on turn 6. Should end the game with a bang…well, a fizzle at least.


don’t have the issue with me but check the online WD databases for a LOTR article. In it the staff created MT. Doom. Just scale it down for your needs.

Kera foehunter:

well i made some hills . The easy way is go to a home improvement store and get the pink or blue foam insulation ( these are the best ) They are about 1" thick,then you stack the foam a layer at a time .then when it gets to your size you want you can carve it into a shape with a knife or buy a cheap foam cutter. If you have a warhammer club there will be people there that have this stuff And have idea for you . So have fun with it i love using a foam cutter.


A couple of years ago, I made a set of a cavern for a stop-motion animation I was doing at uni. I used expanding foam insulation (the stuff Kera mentioned, its available from hardware stores in a spray can) and kinda moulded it while still wet into the shapes I wanted, over a chicken wire frame. It dries very hard, with a rock-like texture, looks very cool. Just be sure to wear rubber gloves and old clothes, as it sticks to anything and is a pain to remove. And avoid getting it in your hair at any cost, particularly if you have a ponytail like I did. :slight_smile: Then just paint it afterwards.

You could also use coloured resin for lava. I’ve made water features with it before, its very cool. (It also stinks of chemicals, a fact my flatmates did not appreciate :slight_smile: …along with the bits of foam stuck to the floor)

Failing that, you could try pouring plaster of paris into whatever channels you have in your volcano and painting it. My altar was done with plaster:

Add little beads to the plaster while its wet to get bubbles.


I second the insulation foam method, mainly because of the control it gives you in shaping and in how clean and simple it is compared to papier-mache.

Just make sure you use a non-spray acrylic primer before painting, otherwise any spray paint you use will eat into the foam. Sometimes this can help and make bits of it bubbly, but it is largely unpredictable. Instead of using Citadel paints to prime it, I’ve used acrylic house paint. A pot of house paint is about $10 Cdn and you get a TON. Once the thing is covered in it, you can go back to your spray cans and so on to get the finish.


Well, my volcano, which can be seen in this picture:

Is made out of etherfoam, which is an inert packing material that is used in museums.

The lava flow is just resin river sections painted to look volcanic.


When you guys are talking “resin” are we talking about that ez water stuff that you use to make rivers or something else… like plastic resin?


Resin that you can buy in tins from model shops. Its a clear, viscous liquid (very smelly) that dries clear. You pour it on in layers, and you can get colouring agents for it. Can’t remember what the actual name is :hat Just don’t use it with the windows shut :slight_smile:


Check out the latest white dwarf for a cool LOTR lava board. Very nice.

I made something a while ago using polystyrene ceiling tiles. Broken into pieces with some red/yellow paint in the gaps for lava it looked reasonably ok.