[Archive] Volunteers wanted for Scribe's Contest!


Right, with Artisan’s Contest and Golden Hat finished it’s time to turn towards one of the reasons I volunteered to arrange those contests in the first place: A contest to promote the CD culture stuff we’ve got going in the background section.

So now with two recent miniature contests under our belts noone can say this time around that they’d rather have Golden Hat or Artisan’s Contest if or when we let loose the novelty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s the idea:

A long succession of short contests with 2-3 weeks deadlines at average. Named “Scribe’s Contest”. They will be text contests, although we will try at least one audio contest with longer deadline (and juicier miniature prize if possible) to see if it works.

The themes will roughly be Chaos Dwarf famous quotes, popular sayings, religious hymns/sacrificial mantras, monument inscriptions, songs and even Hobgoblin variants of some of them. We’re trying to map out the oral and written culture of Chaos Dwarfs, true to the spirit of their portrayal through WHFB’s editions and indeed members’ fiction here on CDO, such as Thommy H’s armybook.

We’ll start with something relatively simple, such as CD children songs contest. The background description from the CD songs thread will be posted along with clear-cut contest rules and useful suggestions in the announcement thread, and we’re go. Voting as usual.

If succesful, we’ll launch one or more contests for short or medium-sized CD legends, but many of the contests will basically be about short texts, even one-liners. So make those words count.

If possible, we’ll wrangle out as many contests about different areas as possible, if participation and interest is high enough.

And here’s where the volunteers come into the picture:

We need someone to make a banner for the contest, akin to Artisan’s Contest. We can’t use AC for this, because then we would spam Artisan’s Contest with text competitions. Better set up a separate thing instead.

The banner maker should not only provide a nice banner, but if possible a whole slew of banners (through contests 1-20 or something like that) to start with. The text “Scribe’s Contest [latin number]” in the font style used by CDO. We’ll have to ask the Staff for files if no one already have them.

We need a medal-maker. Gold, silver bronze, complete with model files for those who have won the contest multiple times. So apart from the single medal, we’ll need gold, silver and bronze medals with a small “2” up to at least “10” in the right corner, exactly as on GH and AC medals. The design of the Scribe’s medal could be something simple, like a rune of Hashut or a ziggurat or anything else you fancy, but it’d need to conform to the Chaos Dwarf Online medals things like colouring and black outline, and not look out of place next to the others.

We need several volunteer miniature donators, who will also pay postage to the winners. Because there’ll be a string of contests, we’ll need a small reservoir of prize-donators before we start. The prizes certainly don’t need to be big or rare.

I could donate a flayman (of the winner’s choice) and some other scratchbuilt thing further down the road, but not initially for the contest. I’ve got studies, GH XXI prize-making, WoH #13-making, submissions, my own army and real life stuff to keep my hands full. Not full enough to stop me from organizing Scribe’s Contest, though, because Contest threads and rules are basically just about writing for some hours.

We will also need a kind admin who sets up a Scribe’s Contest archive like Artisan’s Contest and Golden Hat already have on CDO’s first page, and then keep it updated. Said admin should also upload medal files to CDO and maybe even award them to winners, if I can’t handle it after a lesson by the Staff.

So, to see this thing launched sooner rather than later, we need volunteers. Are you up to it? Sign up here!

Uncle Hashut wants you. :hashut

Feedback and ideas wanted. This is an attempt to make the CD culture stuff into a true community drive and get more variation and styles into the “genres”. Further down the road we could eventually release it in “CDO presents” packages.

Don’t worry, the Scribe’s Contests (if approved by the Staff) will be run by me and won’t interfer with the “schedule” of Golden Hat or Artisan’s Contests. Those two competitions will have precedence whenever they sail up, but it should be possible to run a Scribe’s Contest and a GH or AC simultaneously since the SC won’t require as much time to complete an entry as miniatures-contests do.


Sounds good! :hat off

I’m out because of my lack of imagination and writing ability and especially because of my bad english!

But I’m curious to read some real good stuff!

So I would donate at least one (maybe more) of Braggonors CDs or perhaps some other CD related stuff - when I’m back at home (in the moment I’m in Suffolk for holidays) I will have a look at my unpainted models!



I can’t really do anything with graphics. But I think Mallorn cut put together a few banners real fast, as long as he has the right font for the job. I’ll bring the thread to his attention.

Regarding prizes. Does there have to be anything beyond slaves, honour and virtual bling? At least models should be confined to some that require more work. Like short stories, longer ritual texts and so forth.

Golden Hat XV had a price from Mantic and Golden Hat XX had from Russian Alternative. But a miniature prize is something that has always been a part of the competition. So the competition could start even without prizes. But thank you Zanko! And Admiral for spamming the world with flayed men!

How many pixels is the medals? I could look in to making something there, because that can be done in MS Paint!

I could also take on the admin/moderator responsibility. Because of the paternity leave (thanks for the correction Admiral) combined with living in the country, a lot of time is spend online. So that would be no problem for me. Just need a place to learn how to manipulate the main page.

A fluff contest is a brilliant little idea! Let’s see if it’s allowed to thrive through participating members,


I could do a banner for the contest, but I’m heavely overburdened with hobby stuff right now. I hope someone else can do this?


@Zanko: That’s the spirit! Thanks for volunteering with a prize donation. :slight_smile:

If you do want to donate more than one miniature we’ll probably make it one infantryman per smaller contest.

As a student who wants to limit my spending, and as a hobbyist with not enough models to fill out the ranks in my army without proxies, I won’t be able to donate anything for starters. Further down the road, yes a flayman or two for sure, but not immediately.

@Bloodbeard: Thanks for notifying MalornDK! Also, thanks for volunteering for staff duty and medal-making! My guess is that it’d be very difficult to fix medals in MS Paint, but not impossible. With a lot of to-and-fro rework to get it perfect, it could work. I’ll ask Nicodemus, cornixt or Xander about the medals’ pixels, and if you want you can volunteer for Staff duty by contacting said admins. The medals need the same light grey background as the site have, by the way.

The contest could start without miniature prizes, but starting with them would be some guarantee for wider (and perhaps more invested) participation. A good start could make for a larger following/participation. The smaller the contest themes, the smaller the prizes. Virtual bling will be the second carrot. The relatively bigger prizes would, as you say, be reserved for the longer and more work-requiring bits.

Ideally, we can have one little prize for every contest. That should hook some fluff-interested people who wouldn’t otherwise participate.

Also, it’s a relief to see you’re not on maternity leave. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@MalornDK: Don’t do it if you’ve got too much on your hands. We’ll look for someone else. Thanks for the offer!


I would probably enter, but I only really write prose fiction as I find generic fluff style writing pretty boring. Its one reason why I rarely get past 30 or so pages of reading most factual history books. I could probably twist any writing concept into a piece of prose.


Baggronor has offered a very good prize donation from Titan Wargames. Nice spirit there, and for those of you unfamiliar with his range it’s worth checking out. It contains some beautiful masked or helmet-less evil Dwarf models available at uncommonly decent price levels. :slight_smile:

Any more volunteers? Your donations could be something as simple as a Chaos Dwarf warrior converted in your particular style, a spare sprue of Marauder shields, a single scratchbuilt magic counter or the like. Small prize donation offers will be much appreciated just as larger ones will be, because the small ones will allow us to attach

I would probably enter, but I only really write prose fiction as I find generic fluff style writing pretty boring. Its one reason why I rarely get past 30 or so pages of reading most factual history books. I could probably twist any writing concept into a piece of prose.

There will probably be prose writing (or prose writing allowed) down the road, such as for myths and legends. Such works would in actual retelling probably be very long and very intricate if you tried to tell it as a Chaos Dwarf would have told.

Also, we could expect a short story contest later on if the Scribe’s Contest proves succesful.

For most other contests there will probably be no prose writing, though a trick in these cases would be to write a very short story setting the mood, which culminates in the song/quote/proverb/mantra - you name it. Then you just copy-paste the song/quote/etc. bit as your entry, and later on you can post it in the fluff section as part of the short story. It could be a way to get closer to “in-universe writing” through prose fiction.


Donation idea: Emissaries and mercenaries

One fun little thing for the prize pool of the planned Scribe’s Contests could be for people to donate one unpainted Chaos Dwarf warrior, slave or other model of their characteristic conversion style.

Since a lot of people on CDO have very distinctive conversion styles this could make for an interesting prize pool, should people wish to donate one conversion each and also pay postage to the winner of whatever contest it gets attached to.

For those with well-sized armies this would perhaps not present much of a hassle if they happen to have some model/conversion/bits lying around somewhere.

Is there any interest in sending out an emissary or mercenary from your army as a prize? If so, sign up here. :hat off

If we get a handful of people interested for it I’ll toss in a warrior conversion or two as well.


I convert an emissary from Bloodbeards clan after the wishes of the winner and send it to the winner.


I convert an emissary from Bloodbeards clan after the wishes of the winner and send it to the winner.

Oh! Then Ill write and rhyme like if whipped by the Dark Father himself!


Excellent, Bloodbeard! I’ll make a list of donators and their donations at once. Note that no contest will start before we’ve mediated with the relevant donators about the promised donations shortly before launching each contest, to minimize real life or other stuff interfering.

We’ll also take special care to define exactly what each contest is about, so that no one person can mix up famous quotes with common proverbs e.g. If all the preparations are thorough it should be easy to run such contests.

I’ve not yet received any responses about medal pixels, but after checking in MS Paint they all look to be 32x32 pixels big.

Fuggit Khan:

I’d be happy to donate some miniatures as prizes


Excellent! I’ll add you to the list, Fuggit. :cheers

With the other offers (not least Baggronor’s very generous one) we’ll have enough in the prize pool to go by to launch the contest and run it for a while. But we still need medals and banners, and some admin help for learning gallery and slaves/medals awarding.

Note that if any member wishes for a specific theme (like story writing/prose, prophecies or jokes) to come up, please voice your wishes and we’ll be sure to take them into consideration.


I can award slaves/medals at the end.


Thank you very much, cornixt! :cheers

Now we only need medals.

Nicodemus have kindly agreed to whip up some banners.

Scribe’s Contest I is to be launched soon. Nicodemus has given us a special treat with the new medals. Wait and see soon for yourself. You may want to enter just for the new virtual bling. :wink:


The prize donations from Titan Wargames have arrived, and I’d like to thank Baggronor once more for his great generosity. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, don’t hesitate but check it out. It’s both tasty and affordable.