[Archive] VP's Krieg regiment


Hi all, some shots taken with my patented CrappyCam…

The beginnings of my 40K Death Korps of Krieg army, I love modelling tanks so I am aiming for an Armoured Battlegroup. Still have infantry though…

My bases are not as muddy as many other similar regiments, but more dirty and dusty:



Last (basecoated/WIP) squad converted with 1/35 scale authentic German weapons:

Shadowsword ready for the airbrush:

Weld lines between lower hull/turret:

Macharius Vulcan with 1st layer of paint:

Malcador heavy tank (unassembled, obviously):

Misc. tanks and paint schemes:

Basilisk work in progress, added Land raider tracks to make it more bulky and “steady”

Lots of work remain, but I’ll try to post updates before long. Priority remains with the dwarfs though, both evil and regular ones, as always.


Awesome tanks! .I like the look of the krieg soldiers they could have so many uses gaming :hat

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very nice paint schemes. Although they seem to be a little un-uniform… or is the squad in the second picture not finished yet?