[Archive] Vs High Elves - a bit more specific


I know there is already a thread for this, but a friend of mine plays HE and he does a rather specialised army something along the lines of this normally:

Very Fighty Prince



2-5 Mages

Lots of Sea Guard

Big Chunks of Sword Masters and Phoenix Guard

Dragon Princes

It has quite a few models for HE and it’s quite an dangerous army to fight in Close Combat. I may be having a game against him next week so if I do I’ll post it up in the Battle Reports Section - but there’s no guaranteeing I will be playing him so don’t get your hopes up to much. I’ll be using the Indy GT list but still, tricks and tactics from RH players would be very helpful…



PS. - I’ve already decided I’m going for no Warriors - all Blunderbusses :P!


Might i suggest a health amount of hobbo’s? I’d also get dispell scroll’s, and go full out evil with artillery.

richard barby:

if your taking indy list take the hexigon + your one scroll and the helm of +1 dd and a mage lord to counter his magic

he has to many mages for 8th ed unless your useing more than 2d6 for dice generation

earthshaker well worth it maybe even 2 shut down his shooting and slow his movment

2 deathrockets with the 5in will hurt soft t3 elves

gloums with flame attacks he will throw everything at them or nothing and try and beat them in combat

your blunderbusses will pound him good

try A 40 strong unit of spear goblins take lore of metal and cast the 5+ save on them giving a 3+ save 10 wide horde 4 ranks of fighting you will save so many attack when you give some back the elves will fall over

Border Reiver:

I haven’t lost to HE yet in an 8th ed game (yes, I’ve played more than one). Done with the Ravening Hordes list

Big blocks o’ infantry - preferably deployed as a horde. You need something to absorb the hits he will get on you, and if you have GWs you will do a considerable amount of damage in return - elves aren’t tough - take advantage of that. Get at least 50 to ensure that you’re steadfast, and to keep getting lots of attacks.

Blunderbusses - reduce the number of models in formation, especially if you can get them to keep to at least S4 shooting.

Hobgoblins to distract and redirect his formations - if you can big units - no upgrades other than a musician.

Sneaky Gits in a horde are awesome - just make sure you have lots.

War machines - Earthshakers to shut down his shooting and to slow him down, death rockets for the killing and bolt throwers to target his dragons, or if there are no dragons, his blocks of infantry.

Your mage - take either death or shadow lores - the DPs will laugh at the other two lores. Death has lots of damage potential, and shadow can drop his stats down to reduce his effectiveness (I did manage to get his Swordmasters down to S2 and I2 one round - yes it was lucky). The Chalice of Darkness is your friend - the loss of D3 dice from his pool (and he can have no more than 12 before you take away his dice) means that even more of your opponents mages will be unable to do anything other than talk fashion. Obsidian talismans can give valuable MR to units, consider them.

Elves are generally not so good if they have to grind it out - most troops don’t have the armour or the numbers to play the attrition game well, and our lads can, plus our troops are cheaper than theirs, so we can outnumber them.

You also might try to look at the article on this very topic in Issue 9 of Word of Hashut (shameless plug).