[Archive] W: bit for amazing Death Rocket conversion!


I was staring at this beauty…

…wondering if i could use it to make a Death Rocket warmachine… then it hit me… imagine this:

2 Chaos Dwarfs holding that giant rocket stick gun. Extending (lengthening) the middle, so that the clenching fists will line up properly to the dwarf warrior models…

then have the 3rd CD wearing that backpack with the rokkit ammo.

The bit is the rokkit boy upgrade from the 40k ork range. (I only need the big rokkit gun, and the ammo pack in the pic… don’t need that ork torso or arm)

Unfortunately I’d have to pay a whole 10 dollars to make this conversion, just for the bitz in that picture!! (if I buy it from battlewagon bitz/warstore)

So I was wondering if anyone could sell or trade me one for cheaper?



p.s. I love how it even already has the lightning bolt symbol on it already! (something prominent in old CD artwork)