[Archive] W: Chaos Dwarfs (Earthshaker, fc Hellcannon etc) H: LOTS!

Comrade Igor:

Hi there, i’m after the following (don’t mind if it’s built or painted)

OOP Chaos Dwarf Earthshaker Cannon (TOP PRIORITY)

OOP Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs - 3 of them

OOP Hobgoblins - don’t mind which ones, need 2 (musicians would be ideal)

OOP Hobgoblin Hero on Wolf

OOP 12-20 CD warriors (low priority)

Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs - either 1 or 3, let me know how many you have

Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Fireglaives - need 12-20 with full command

To trade i have everything still listed in this thread;


And also other stuff including;

3 OOP Metal Dragon Ogres

5 OOP Flesh Hounds 6th edition

5 Flesh Hounds 7th edition



4 Treekin (metal)

Plenty of Wardancers

3-4 metal OOP Screamers

Island of Blood set on sprue

+ other stuff, let me know if you want something specific!

Thanks for looking.


unfortunately i dont have anything of the stuff you listed to trade… but im very interested in your skulltaker.


I have an earthshaker plus crew but it is missing the banner pole.

Interested in dragon ogres or warriors of chaos marauders

I am in Australia , where are you?



Comrade Igor:

PMs sent/replied.

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Comrade Igor:

Bump - also looking for a finecast Hellcannon.