[Archive] W: Demons or Dark Elves H: 40K Stuff, Blood Bowl


I wants me some Demons or Dark Elves.

THE BEST SITUATION for me would be, and I know this is asking a lot, but if someone was interested in what i have, if they would buy what they want to trade new, and trade me that. I know it sounds stupid, and it probably is. Anyways that’s just best situation not mandatory. I’ll stop rambling now and give you an over view of what I have.

Space Marines (40K)

1 Commander

1 Chaplain

1 Librarian

1 Landspeeder

1 Rhino

1 Razorback

1 Whirlwind

1 Devastator

5-6 Bikers

10 Terminators

10-15 Scouts

Dark Eldar (40K)

1 Archon

10-12 Wytches

6 DE Grav-Bikes

20-30 DE Warriors

5 Heavy Support Flying Guys (Yeah don’t remember their name.) :slight_smile:

Assorted Blood Bowl Teams

Undead Team

Dwarf Team

Human Team

Orc Team

High Elf Team


no hobgoblins?