[Archive] W: Harbul the Halfling


Hi guys,

I know it’s a slim chance, but with all the fans of classic mini’s I might get lucky here.

I’m looking for this Halfling:

Its name is Harbul, and it apperently had something to do with the Warhammer Roleplay scenario Shadow over Bogenhafen. It might have also been in the Death on the Reik set.

Time of Madness:

Wow! Haven’t seen that little guy since my childhood.

He was released in the 80’s with Death on the Reik II and with Shadow over Bogenhafen.

Good luck on your quest to find him.

Time of Madness


I saw one on ebay a while ago, but I think that one has ended. I was looking for halfling


It’s more rare than I thought… I’ve gotten a couple of reactions in the last days, but it seems I should be expecting a price of around 50 pounds :expressionless:

So I guess it’s back to sculpting mini’s myself ;p