[Archive] W: Hellcannon parts

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I’m slowly, very slowly starting up my second diorama. I’m right now working on my first diorama - a Dwarf tavern - but I already made sketches for my second one and I already have a fair idea what it’s going to look like and what parts and bitz I need to have for it.

Right now, I want to start off with collecting as much as Hellcannon parts as possible. Preferably I need the smaller parts or the ‘mounth’ of the thing, a handle, a wheel or something like that. If someone has a bit like these lying around doing nothing - you’d make me really happy. Supplied a picture of the Hellcannon in bitz:

I’m located in the Netherlands and would therefore like to pay using Paypal (to countries abroad). I’ll pay the shipping costs and for the bit (if wanted).