[Archive] W.I.P. Subform

Kera foehunter:

Well i was thinking what about a Work in progress subform??

There are so many people that have tallented .

This would be a place where somepeople could copy ideas .

that could help them with there C D armybuilding

not all of of are tallented, i think this might be a good idea


Errm, isn’t the Blog and conversions part of the forum for this?


I think Obsidian is correct. Not a bad idea though, Bolter and Chainsword use a WIP section. But in general, on CDO, Blogs are for WIPs.

Kera foehunter:

well im talking about one like (clams   step by step of his earth shaker cannon)

and some of the older stuff  once it get burried  no one will find it !

just like bassman new bolt thower  and some of kyle workand xanders work grimstonefire  and so on !!! just the one that show step by step on how to make  stuff ??

so i don’t know if it would be call a w.i.p.


The conversion section si supposed to be exactly that, a step by step section on conversions. Perhaps you should be PMing Clam to put that stuff in a compiled article for the conversion section. All of my conversions are archived in that section with step by step production shots. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’d say it is ideal that the WIP stuff is shown in each army blog as you can better follow the development of the minis. Mind also that blogs are much more used here than in many other forums.


In terms of ideas that don’t necessarily come to models we have the compiled ideas sticky:


But I agree with you Kera, we should think about how best to display certain tutorials. For instance, people may not know to search for Xanders tutorials, but if we had a sticky with a picture next to the link they would know where to look.

Having thumbnail pictures of the end result next to some of the best tutorials would be a good idea.

Kera foehunter:

well I like what grims said !! I think we need a tutorials space they would be so much more people that would come to view this stuff and join like i did !!

and at least the people from gw see this !!!we may make them take notice of are stuff and get are army out there sooner

just a thought !! it don’t have to be much but maybe the best of are stuff in a wip or tutorial

becase this is the best site and best tallent out there and we can lead the way !!!