[Archive] W: Metal Hobgoblins H: £


So, after 15 years I decided I do like the 4th ed Hobgoblin metals after all. Would have been nice if I made my mind up in the '90s but there we go.

If anyone has some going, I’d be interested. Sneaky Gits, Wolf Riders or regular Hobgobs, don’t mind. Probably a long shot, but if it’s worth asking anywhere it’s here.

I can pay in PayPal, or can do an exchange of Titan Wargames minis if you prefer. If you have a truly impressive hoard (horde) of Hobgobs on offer, you might even be able to negotiate for a custom sculpt of something, but that’ll take a lot of Hobgobs :wink:


Ooh! Competition is on!!!

By the way… might Titan Wargames have any plans to release any Hobgoblin champions or characters :wink:


Hobgoblin champions or characters
Certainly not! Hideous subterranean scavenger goblins with rusted daggers and beady eyes on the other hand...

They're in the works, I just have so little free time at the moment :mad Need to finish the Dwarf elites first.

Blue in VT:

:hat off

I only have 1 hobgoblin model…but its a good one…and its yours if you want it.

i would love to discuss a trade for some of your figures or a discount on a warband…assuming your interested that is.




Shame. I just shifted my lot. I got like £600 from them though.

Sry it wasn’t you, Happy with my new pc :smiley:


I have a couple of standard bearers and a boss…

I think they are (according to the wiki): Hobgoblin Bigboss 1, Hobgoblin Standard Bearer 1, Hobgoblin Standard Bearer 2.


I shall PM people :slight_smile: