[Archive] W: Old Plastic CW legs & weapon arms


WANT: I am looking for as many of the older OOP plastic Chaos Warrior weapon arms and lower body/legs, that I can obtain.

FOR: I am using these in conjunction with the new plastic Chaos Knights bitz to create the first human Chaos Warriors of Hashut as allies to my CD army.

They shall be capeless and look like proper chaos warriors! (menacing shoulder pads… No more monopose w/ capes covering whole body)

HAVE: The most absurd ammount of bitz from almost every GW range… I could TRY to make you a rough list if neccessary.


Since they are Warriors of Hashut, and thus close to the Dawi Zhar military-industrial complex, some of them are even going to weild Chain-Axes!!

Pyro Stick:

I dont have any chaos warrior bits for you but i see that you have loads of bits. Do you happen to have any Dark Elf Chariot wheel scythes?

Kera foehunter:

I might have some Bro i have to look ! How many do you need??


I’d love to take as many as you can spare!

…but preferably I need around 8 to complete the unit (I have the bitz for 12 warriors).

Here’s what I’m making…

@ PYRO: I only have new Dark Elf coldone cavalry bitz (I only needed the cold ones)