[Archive] W: Snots and 3rd ed CDs H: loads of whfb etc


Hi all,

I know it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find 3rd Ed marauder chaos dwarfs, but I might as well chance it.

I’m looking for some of the following things:

*Any 3rd Edition Chaos Dwarfs

Snotlings of all varieties (especially the old ones, pump wagons included)

Epic Great Unclean Ones

Old Chaos toilet


Carnival of Chaos and stage coach

Frenzied Mordheim mob

The Red Gobbo


Forgeworld Great Unclean One

I’ve got a fair amount of stuff, so I’ll just throw it all up.






loads of old warriors + mutation sprues

Aekold hellbrass

Palaquin of Nurgle

Arbaal the undefeated

Slaanesh champion with tentacles

Slaanesh champ on steed

Vampire Counts

dragon + character



1 fell bat

bat swarms

loads of oop characters

manfred von carstein

mordheim zombies

Dogs of War regiment of reknown skellies



old plague monks


warpfire thrower

Orcs & Goblins

Siper riders pending

Wolf riders pending

some arrer boyz and boyz with add choppa

High Elves

4 bolt throwers

30 archers (some painted very well)

Tiranoc chariots

Silver Helms

New heroes/mages


assorted lizardmen bits

wood elf galde guard box opened

special edition wood elf standard bearer

WE blood Bowl team

Gnoblars from bull sprue

Manticore + rider

Empire Cannon metal


some chaos space marines

two nurgle painted obliterators

Inquisitor rulebook

Old space marine rulebook in german

Inquisitor with book

Space marine champ with thunder hammer

Assassin sisters

Some Catachan jungle fighters

Tyranid lictor NIB

Special Edition Female Comisaar


Games Workshop Catalogues 2001-2004

Space Marine Codex in German, (3rd edition)

Old Empirial Guard codex,

6th Edition rule book for WHFB

Kislev rules supplement

Ravening Hordes

How to make wargames terrain

A whole bunch of White Dwarfs, if there’s a specific issue you’re looking for then just ask


Blister of executioners

As far as reputation goes, I’ve been trading on bartertown.com for a good while and I have a feedback rating of 20 (ie. 10 completed trades).

Bare in mind that I do live in Ireland so you must be willing to ship there.

PM me if interested.

Thanks for reading,



I’ve just auctioned off my 13 spare CDs and I’m after a Nurgle palaquin. Can you let me know which one of the 4 figures you have that rides it, there’s 2 x 40k, 1 x fantasy sorcerer and 1 x fantasy champion. It’s the fantasy ones I’m after plus any of the realm of chaos nurgle champions, I’ve some but there’s a couple I’m missing.

I’ll see about getting some more 3rd editions for trade.


I have the old 5th edition palaquin with the hooded figure riding it. There are none of the other guys, but apart from that it’s complete.


Thanks for the update, as I said I’ve just sold off my spare CDs and my epic Nurgle daemons went a while back. When I get my hands on some more I’ll get in touch.:cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

Are you willing to sell any? (Bare in mind, money raised can go towards buying those models :wink: )

Also, where are you? Where are you willing to send to?

I’m currently interested in:

some chaos space marines

two nurgle painted obliterators

Space marine champ with thunder hammer

If you could provide me with more details and/or pictures, that’d be great. However, I shall have to say if someobdy else asks for them, make the deal with them as I won’t have money until Spetember when I shall have a job.

Thanks and good luck!