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To start with I’m a new member some going to give a few links to other forums where i have traded so people know im not out to scam them

Both on TWF and 40konline i have traded with no neg feedback, under the username Chico.


Pretty much anything CD i will concider in any standard or con, doesn’t have to be GW (Titain wargames top of list to get)

Also after small amount and very cheap BfSP  Dwarfs, and Skull Chaos Marauder shoulder pads


Small amount of paypal under £30 (Only used to make a deal more fair)


ForgeWorld Sonic Dreadnought W/ no arms Unpainted

ForgeWorld Sonic Dreadnought W/ Blastmaster & CCW Painted

5 Flesh Tearers Shoulder Pads Unpainted

Death Company Box minus TH, IP’s, HF’s

(All have no arms unless stated)

1 Captain

1 Commander

1 Lieutenant has Arms

1 Orderly (Converted holding lasgun rather then standard and has arms)

1 Medic w/lasgun has arms


3 Heavy Weapon Guardsman w/ heavy Bolters ( 2 number 6, 1 number 1)


Field Officer Niven



(Some Gobbos stuff is pending sale)

100 BfSP Spear gobbos painted (4 Command Groups)

40 BfSP Archers painted (4 Command Groups)

Old Skarsik and gobbla Painted


12 BfSP Forest spider riders Unpainted

2 BfSP Shamans painted

3 Big Boss Inc the White Dwarf sub figure painted

6 Fanatics, 2 of which are old metal painted

Warlord on Giant Squig unpainted

Old Doomdiver painted

Old converted Giant from the DoW ‘‘twin’’ giant painted

8 BfSP forest goblins no spiders unpainted

Games Day 2010 Chaos Sorcerer NIB


Orc Characters pack - Painted

Giant - Painted

Lizardmen Character - Set undercoated


Lone Wolves Graphic Novel HARDBACK rare

Warhammer Ancient Battles 1st Ed

Best of Town Cryer

Hordes of Chaos

Champions of Chaos

Galaxy in Flames

Fallen Angels

Tales of Heresy




pm sent

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Updated list, hit me up.