[Archive] W: WF Chaos Dwarves H: Paypal, trade


Right, I might as well make a single thread for all of this. I am located in Sweden and willing to pay by paypal or trade in your favour for any of the items featured here.

I am currently looking for:


- Plastic Chaos Terminator Arms and Legs

- Any and all painted Forgeworld Renegades

- Black Library Eisenhorn Diorama


- Any and all well-painted Ships (Except Chaos and Tau)

Lord of the Rings

- 1(!) Army of the Dead Miniature - preferably the one with no helmet, or The King of the Dead: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/ca...Id=prod1880009


- Chaos Dwarf Miniatures from Warhammer Forge

- Curs’d Ettin from Warhammer Forge

In Trade I have:

- Cash

- Unassembled Centigors

- ALOT of wood elf and CSM bitz

- 2 Plastic Ork Nobz from the AOBR-set

- Dark Eldar Hellions Skyboards (New ones, unassembled)

- Dark Eldar Hellion Weapons

- Alot of other random stuff, ask if there’s anything in particular you’re after.