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Hiya peeps,

Starting a 40K army; properly, that is - no more fiddling around with space pigs or tentacle-faced nids, but Orks instead. I like krazy konversiunz a lot, even though my ambition far outweighs my skill… but hey, that’s just Orky, right?:slight_smile:

Here is the link to my first few sci-fi Greenies, I hope you like 'em, and I also hope you lot’ll give me some advice on how to make em even better/shootier/Orkier/waaagh!

I also made a 1k pts. list for ‘em; I plan to get the Battalion box and a Painboy next week, which, combined with the Black Reach boxed set I already have, should get me all the models I need for that list. I suspect it’s a horrendously bad list, but with so much combat stuff, at least it should be fun:) Anyway, here it is:

Waaagh! Zorbagh

Zorbagh Zappa-Krusha

Big Mek

Power klaw, kustom mega-blasta, kustom force field, ammo runt, cybork body, bosspole, 2 Grot oilers

153 pts.

6 Nobz

Painboy with Grot orderly, Cybork bodies, 1 Nob has a power klaw, 1 Nob has a big choppa

Ridin’ a Trukk with Grot riggers and armour plates

265 pts.

20 Ork Boyz

120 pts.

20 Ork Boyz

120 pts.

Deff Dread

Two extra dreadnought close combat weapons, grot riggers, armour plates

120 pts.

3 Warbikers

Nob with power klaw and bosspole

115 pts.

3 Deffkoptas

105 pts.

998 pts.

So, any comments or advice on the list/models would be greatly appreciated:)


turquois dwarf:

I like zorbagh’s helmet. maybe all your HQ choices and the nobs could have similar helmets?

Kera foehunter:

i like this one the best

welcome back evil clown!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

He’s the one with the tongue out ^^

Dude, bring that army up this Summer and I;ll try to get my Iron Warriors done. Knowing how much more awesome your models are in RL, I’ll probably die with awe before the game, but I’ma have to do so! :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a difference between Orks and Space Pigs?..

I mean, other than the skin color.


@ turquois dwarf: Thanks, don’t think I’ll give 'em all helmets like that though.

@ Kera: Cheers! :cheers

@ HB: Thanks:) And looking forward to get smunched by your spiky gitz:P

@ Hobgoblyn: Orks don’t taste as well as pigs do.

Anyway, I completed a Deff Dread yesterday:Linky It’s based on a Space Marine Dreadnought, with lots and lots of Ork bitz added. Quite fun to make, that:)




I like the dread, although it appears a bit too busy for me. I like the add ons and bitz and gubbinz, but sometimes, even an ork can go overboard.

Nice work, even though I was a bit critical… I like it.

Kera foehunter:

omg you look just like your avatar evil clown! !he he

Hashut’s Blessing:

That was DEFINITELY time well spent, even if you said it was difficult. I can’t wait to try to pwn it :wink: Before my “Spiky gits” take out your fungus ladz, I gotta get the new Codex :smiley:

Kera, good point :smiley: Just, his avatar has no hat, which Clown has grown himself instead of hiar :smiley: