[Archive] Wallacer's Empire/WAB photos (lots of pics)


Kera foehunter:

i love the paint job on the guy on the (war wagon )? the white is so clean.


That’s my Arch Lector of Sigmar riding a War Altar (or Popemobile or Waltar as some call them :rolleyes: )


Umm one of the guys in the second picture kinda looks like hes part of the KKK

Thommy H:

They’re affected by the rules for Hatred when facing Southlands armies.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Umm one of the guys in the second picture kinda looks like hes part of the KKK

i so agree

the first pic look like there out of a teery pratchit noval

but still great:hat off


The second picture is my Sigmarite Warrior Priests.

I rather like the Inquisitor ones. It’s a shame they’re not being made any more.

Father Grumpmas:

Love the Illayd figures, especially the guy on the war altar - I bought him for the same reason.

The Knights of the Cleansing Flame look good too - I have about 25 of them but always thought they were a bit small. Will have to dust them off.


Well, I feel a little disturbed by the theme of some units… like the KKK unit.

I have no problem with Celtic cross, it’s an ancient symbol with a noble history but its meaning is continually raped by ignorant neo-fascist! And you used it in connection with a KKK suit… also you painted knights like crusaders…

Nothing wrong with empire themed like a teocratic regime but you put too many references to real history… anyway, maybe it’s just me :sick

I find some nice old minis in your army, guns are very nice! Are they old bretonnian guns?

I like also your painting job on your war altar, neat and clean.

Do you field knights in units of 12?! Very large, why?

They’d be a pleasure for our bolt throwers… :smiley:

Thommy H:

but you put too many references to real history
There were Crusades in Warhammer too, remember.


Yes, I know, nothing wrong with crusades, nothing wrong with the poor old celtic cross… yes, everything wrong with the KKK… but it’s all the three stuff together that sounds annoying to me. Nothing less, nothing more.

I can also see parts of the 5th ed Dark elf cauldron of blood on the war altar… :shy: