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We are Legion:

Hey guys and gals,

Been a long-time lurker, waiting and hoping for a Chaos Dwarf army book, and now with the Legion of Azgorh list, my wishes have come… almost true.

Anyway, I’m putting up this army blog to keep me sane and have a side project through the holiday retail season.  I’ll endeavor to keep this blog running and please feel free to Comment and Criticize my work (I by no means am a master of Greenstuff or painting as many here are).

Anyway, first post and first juicy offering is my Chaos Dwarf Sorcer…ess on foot, converted from Helga.

Hope to finish up her base and slap a coat of paint on her soon, anyone have any other comments on her sculpting before I paint her?

Things currently on the workbench:

Converted Chaos Siege Giant

Lammasu/Taurus rider

Unit of 30 blunderbussiers

Converted Inferno cannon

Unit of K’daai and K’daai destroyer

Bull Centaur conversions

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



A little rough green stuff work on Chaos Helga, but otherwise the conversion looks good. Sculpting is a learning process like everything else. I how like the horned hat, hoof boots and hammer makes her a Chaos Dwarf. Now paint her!

@Stepo: There’s a CD lady in my log, though she is civilian.


Hey dude,

Love the sorceress, i think the CD ladies do need a little more attention.

We are Legion:

A little rough green stuff work on Chaos Helga,

You're right, after looking closer at this picture I see I need to smooth down the join between the hammer head and the handle, and I might just need to resculpt the boots entirely.

The tusks also help make her a chaos dwarf ;) but if I can make it look right, I'm also sculpting curly locks down her back (I may just end up molding the hellcannon crew's beard to glue on).

Workbench update:
Lammasu/Taurus rider is giving me headaches... I got the new finecast Taurus and Lammasu, which just seems to be too light to have a converted metal character riding on their necks... gonna have to dig through my bitz box to find a suitable plastic dwarf or get one of the new finecast characters.

We are Legion:


slapped a coat of paint on the sorceress, good enough for tabletop, I still need to give her black armor a little highlight, and do something with the soles of her boots, but here she is so far!

Comments? Questions? Criticism?

Edit: I already see that I need to fix her skirt a little, the paint settled a little and is brighter in the recesses. Also: the fire on her hammer is the wrong way around… yellow should be at the bottom with orange up top :frowning:


She looks fine, although I wouldn’t call her out for a date. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good colour scheme.

I think you should have kept the old boots. I liked the cloven metal, but this works well, too.

We are Legion:

I think you should have kept the old boots. I liked the cloven metal, but this works well, too.

I just couldn't get the cloven boots to look right, they were either too big, or too flat... I'm going to try to put the cloven toe-caps on my Lammasu/Taurus rider, which hopefully will be ready for pictures in a day or two.
I'm trying to magnetize him to sit on either the Finecast Taurus or the Finecast Lammasu for whenever I need to switch him out for a game. After I get the magnet positioned just right I'll start sculpting the back of the rider (either a high saddle back or a cape, I'm not certain yet).


High saddle back!

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We are Legion:

Well, I see one vote for the high saddle back :stuck_out_tongue:

more WIPs incoming!

Lammasu rider front

Magma Cannon side

Magma Cannon top.

A note about war machines:  I don’t like the forgeworld designs… stylistically I prefer the obvious magical bindings and rough and pitted iron of the hellcannon; so I am going to attempt to emulate that style in varying degrees in the war machines I make. I know they won’t be the same size as the forgeworld machines, HOWEVER, Forgeworld’s CD war machines all seem to be on steam carriages (which I don’t run anyway).

We are Legion:

"wise fwom youw gwave!"

Heya everyone, grad school has kept me from working too hard on my chaos dwarves, but I’m still here!

new WIP shots of a K’Daai destroyer:

Comments and critiques welcome! I’m hoping to add more flames to the “smokestacks” and add braziers from the Chaos warshrine on the sides as well.