[Archive] Want advice on a Non Chaos Dwarf Army...need ideas


So Basically for a while now, I’ve been thinking about creating a Slaaneshi army. Catch is, I want it to be an all female army. Yes, yes…I know…so Original. :0

Thing is, I want it to be a Mortal list. Daemonettes as a general rule suck, and they are far far far too fragile. Good as flankers and that’s about it.

So, the general thought is two fold. One, I could Modify Chaos Warriors somehow and give them breasts, but looking at the models I have no idea how I would do this, even with green stuff. I could cut away alot of the plastic, but…argh…I’m not sure how the final result would look. I like the models, I just want FEMALE models.

Two: I could use Daemonettes, and modify bits or parts of them to have like small pieces of armor plating on their bodies with green stuff. Thing Is, I’ve never green stuff sculpted before, and while confident that I could do bits of armor, I am concerned that I would end up having to cover up TOO much of the Daemonettes to have a fairly wysiwyg army.

I know I want to use mounted Daemonettes as my Chaos Knights. I can modify the steeds with green stuff and make them appear to have barding and do adequate armor on the Daemonettes themselves, that;s no problem.

It’s just the rest of stuff.

So does anyone have any advice/ideas? I’m open to them all.


Thommy H:

Wow, this is really creepy - I was thinking about this exact idea yesterday. Pretty much every detail of your plan is the same as mine - all mortal, all female, Slaaneshi…

Except I started knowing what models I wanted to use and figured out how I could turn them into an army. Now, you say you’re open to all ideas; does that stretch to using non-GW models, because that’s the only way I can see to do it. Here’s what I was thinking of doing for this exact idea (seriously, I’m a little freaked out here):


Chaos Champion (hasslefree miniatures)

Same character with a different pose

Another champion from hasslefree

And another version with wings if you want to break your ‘all mortal’ rule

Sorceress riding…something (hasslefree)

And another (younger) version of the same sorceress (with her own spell familiar!)

A WIP hasslfree female chaos warrior

Okay…I think that should do you for characters. But for troops, you’ll have to look futher afield:

Celtos Barbarians from Brigade Models

Which have some of the following models:

Females with swords and shields

Females with great weapons

Females with spears

Some slightly wilder looking barbarian chicks with great weapons

Even some female cavalry

There’s loads more there too.

Hope that helps - if I ever do this project, this is how I’ll do it anyway.


U could use some converted Daemonettes/DE With Elves as Chaos Warriors… In all almost every DE could be easly converted to look like women :slight_smile:


The sisters of battle repentia would work perfectly as marauders.


You could use dark elf witches as chaso warriors with two hand weapons. I think the normal chaos warriors are two bulky to be considered female, even with sculpted breasts

Also alot of the new wood elf models are felmale, you could always pervert them to the lures of slaanesh


I would suggest Mordheim amazons, but they’re expensive in large armounts.


Way ahead of you, I have done many of these conversions already. Dark eldar witches do indeed make awesome Chaos warriors of Slaanesh, or indeed marrauders (I use mine as both), many dark elf characters are female and are easily converted into lords of Slaanesh, see also Craftworld Eldar (Banshees, esp their pheonix lord) Witch elves also make good marrauders. Check out the Chaos Collectors guide for a cool slaaneshi army. For your knights, to differentiate from mounted daemonettes try the steed conversions pictured there (head of steed of slaanesh, Sulphet’s - morathi’s pegasus’ - body. Also, check out the archives for some classic slaaneshi female warriors


Witch Elves would work well, and with a little (or a lot, depending on how far you go) filing and converting, SoB squads could work okay as well, make sure you post up pictures if you find a method that works, as I could always use inspiration in case I ever start Slannesh ;).

Thommy H:

Or go with my ideas which require no modelling skill whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue:


Does have the problem that they can’t be used @ GW though…


And the parents of small children might object to you using them against them as well… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

Does have the problem that they can't be used @ GW though...

Hence the diclaimer asking whether he really was "open to all ideas".
And the parents of small children might object to you using them against them as well... :P

But daemonettes are fine? ;)


I don’t use daemonettes in my chaos army, I don’t want people who aren’t into warhammer coming round and judging me…


And the parents of small children might object to you using them against them as well... :P

I find it funny how people are okay about their children imagining they are killing people, but complain about nudity (and by nudity, they really mean nipples)

Thommy H:

Yeah, I’d be much happier with my (purely hypothetical) children seeing a naked female breast than reading some of the more unpleasant Chaos, Dark Elf, Skaven and even Chaos Dwarf fluff.

It’s a little weird that basic human biology is considered unsuitable for children, but stories of slavery, torture and murder are just fine.


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Thommy H:

Interesting fact: In America people on TV aren't allowed to say "I love you" untill after watershed, this is the same country where in some states you can get a gun at 17, go figure... :rolleyes:

Don't even get me started on the USA's messed up perception of morality... Janet Jackson's breast, anyone?


Interesting fact: In America people on TV aren't allowed to say "I love you" untill after watershed

What, like a rain?


Watershed is the time after which poeple can swear, make sexual referances etc on tv without it being beeped out, American TV, for whatever reason, thinks that someone saying “I love you” i too sexual, instead they have to say “I have feelings for you” or something like that… :rolleyes:


Well, that’s false then, cause I’ve heard the term “I love you” many times on TV before “watershed”.

But we do all carry handguns at all times though.:slight_smile: