[Archive] Want to buy... MORE FIGURES


Must… stop… self…

I’ve just received a bunch of figures this month. I have more figures than I can ever paint in my life (and I’ve sold most of my figures over the years) but I can’t stop looking at them…

I’m talking about Gorbad Ironclaw and the new Black Orc Big Boss. Both figures are completely useless to me, but they make me drool every time I look at them. I already successfully resisted putting them in ANY of my orders recently, but I keep looking at Maelstrom’s website and they have free shipping worldwide…

AAGHHH!!! The pain of moderation!


Lepreh Khan:

You know what I think would be a fun army?

Gorbad Ironclaw in an all goblin/orc cav army.

Wolfriders & Spider riders for core.

One or 2 units of Boar Boyz.

Goblin or Orc Chariots.

Animosity would suck, but it could also go in your favor. I’m stuck on what to put in my rare slots though. I’ve made a list that fills up 2000 with all that’s listed above, but it just seems strange to me to not have any rares. Just my OCD I’ll bet. :slight_smile:

-Lepreh Khan


I love the idea of an all cavalry army.

I have begun to purchase the parts to make an all cavalry Eldar Exodite army… It’ll take me ages to finish, but that’s okay, I’m in no rush.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Ya could maybe use Rhinox Riders as rare. Would fit in quite well :smiley:


I have an all cav gobbo army, it’s certainly fun to play with.

The biggest problem is the reliance on chariots (at least for me).


I love Orc and gobbo cavalry, there’s so much variety! Core - Spider riders, Wolfriders as CC fast cavalry, Wolf riders as missile fast cavalry, Wolf riders as armoured CC cavalry. Special - Boar boys, Savage orc boar boyz, big’uns, squig herds, wolf chariots, boar chariots, rare - snotling pump wagon. Characters can ride chariots, wolves, gigantic spiders, giant squigs, boars and Wyverns. GO DA ORCS

Traitor King:

Note to self: buy calv models for chaos army. i never use calv, dont have the models. Maybe when i get hoblin wolfriders and BCs up?


I’ve got to add some more caalry to my chaos army. I need warhounds, flesh hounds, mounted daemonettes, and Knights of Nurgle then I can field any cavalry option. Jesus I need help


As an aside, I use the old Chaos Dwarf Whirlwind and Tenderisers as chariots in my Chaos Army.

They look the part and it is nice to see them on a tabletop (and none of my opponents have ever complained about them not being wysiwyg).


I was thinking about that actually. There is certainly potential for building a sort of pulled rather than pushed whirlwind or tenderiser to use as a chariot - pulled by two boar centaurs with halbards. That would give you justification for the crew attacks, the steed attacks and the impact hits (and it would certainly count as scythed). I just don’t have the funds to try this atm though. Anywone wishing to steal the idea feel free. P.S. Wallacer, do you have pics of your whirlwind or tenderiser? I’ve never seen them outsied of a catalouge before.