[Archive] Want to help a Mod out


Specifically anyone who can speak Dutch.

I need to order this guy: http://home.tiscali.nl/sjoerd.milca/azhback1.html

However the PayPal is in Dutch only and any translaor I’ve used in FF refuses to translate a Secured PayPal page. So if you can order it for me or if anyone can get a hold of Pulper… I can pay you in PayPal ASAP and work something out.

Please PM if you can help out.

The truly ironic thing in all this is that I’m big into genealogy and have recently unearthed a good chunk of my Dutch ancestry…


Geef een bedrag op en klik op Totalen bijwerken.
Omschrijving Prijs per eenheid Hoeveelheid Bedrag

Translates to:
Give an amount on and update click on totals.
Description Price by entity Quantity Amount


Kiezen hoe u wilt betalen

Translates to:
Choose how you want pay


According to:


Just highlight what you want to translate and paste it into the translation box and hit translate

Hope this helps.

Pyro Stick:

Why arent you using this site:



That is the site in question. It is when you want to make an order that it routes to a Dutch paypal site that the problem arises


You’re Dutch too Sousunou? :cheers

@Willmark: I have Sjoerd’s number around somewhere. Maybe I can get the stuff for you and ship it your way. (hopefully faster then the package you’re waiting for now… :shy:)


Thanks guys.

I was hoping you would see this Obsidian!

If you do get in touch with him let me know. I also have some questions regarding his minis for the webzine.


Cool, will do and keep you up to date!


Sorry, obsidian.

Im not dutch, just have a wealth of various links at my disposal.



I’m having the same problems, can’t work out the paypal section. Will put this advice to good use this weekend.


Sorry, obsidian.
Im not dutch, just have a wealth of various links at my disposal.


Lol, you're partly Dutch in my book now!:cheers

@Willmark: talked to Sjoerd and I'm sending him a link so he can get into contact with you!:hat off


Cool. Many thanks. And as luc would have it guess what arrived in the mail today! many thanks leaving rep.


Glad to hear it mate, I’ve given the rep thingy too! :cheers:

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Oh, dutch request? Quite funny :slight_smile: If you need any help, give me a call, another dutch here :slight_smile:


Obsidian, any updates from Pulper?


If you still need that ‘sorcerer’ I have a spare on in my doubles - you can have him for free (as I got it for free from Ubertechie a few months back).

You can see him here - he is mint

Please let me know if you want me to ship it to you.


Many thanks Clam!


He didn’t contact you? Stange, I gave him a call and he asked me to send the link to this topic which I did.

Dunno why he hasn’t contacted you…



I’ll post him tomorrow then. Will PM you for details.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sousonou doesn’t have a wealth of links, he just has FAR too much time. Also, he certainly isn’t Dutch. He’s from Essex, lol! Best bet, if you wish to do it yourself and just get on with it, is to find a translator website (like the one Sousonou suggested) and copy the words in. Amazed that it seems grammatically correct at a cursory glance (as a lot just do the words, not the sentence).


Thanks to Clam coming through for me I’ll now lock this thread.