[Archive] Want: Vampire Counts!


Hey, ive decided my next army will be Vampire Counts. I’d love to buy some, i have lots of Skaven to trade.

What should i start out buying for 500 pts of them?

I have the Codex.


Cant go wrong with the Battalion. 20 Skellies, 20 Zombies, Corpse cart and 10 Ghouls. Add a box of dire wolves and a vamp of your choice and you must be over 500pts.


Bit pricey tho

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Pricy? I dont think theres a cheaper way, order online from Miniaturesbypost and a battalion only works out at about £40.


Maby… I need the newer ones tho


No way around having to get loads of troops I’m afraid, goes with the territory :slight_smile:

Consider mixing skeleton parts with another plastic set (one of the ones that are still cheaper) for a themed army maybe? Flagellants/Empire plastics are all good, plus the spares can always be used to make more guys (use spare heads/arms as zombies/skellies climbing out of the ground for example).

Start with:

Vampire general

and then either Skeletons or Ghouls. Mixing the two types of infantry can become a pain when choosing raising Bloodlines, so its usually best to stick to 1 type. Ghouls are more user-friendly.

The infantry will cost you, but by using other plastics to convert your elites, you can save a fair bit on the specials and rares. Empire/Bretonnian Knights can be easily converted into Blood Knights/Black Knights for example.

Saves paying £8 per Blood Knight :~

The robed flagellants would make good wraiths or spirit hosts with some skull head swaps.


Yeah, ive already used some arm’s/ green stuff to make them ‘crawl’ out of the ground, and ive made a Balvarine as a Strigoi vampire… Im getting Skele’s+ a Corpse Cart (Maby a necro riding on it!)


good advice from Baggronor, once you have some VC minis you should be able to convert Empire knights into Black knights easily. Another good trick is to get various infantry minis, put them 3 to a monster base and paint them to look like ghosts - much cheaper and better looking spirit hosts.

Make sure you do the old trick of putting gravestones onto bases as unit fillers.


I’ve actually got 2 large size units of “black knights” they are the older ones that have armored skeletons on horseback and I have a unit or two of the same on foot(these were the old school grave guard).

If you are interested in them, please feel free to pm me and we can discuss.