[Archive] WAR comp help

Ogranoth blackhammer:

hi all. i want to buy a new computer ( i need one anyways) and with WAR out i thought this would be a great time ot get both. right now i’m chiefly concerned with getting a computer that can run WAR at a good, solid level. (i’m not looking for anything crazily massive - in price and range of what it can do - but i want something that can run the damn game with minimal lag)

if anyone could help me through this process (never bought a comp before) i would be most gratefull.


About a year ago I got a video card. Geforce 8 if I remember correctly. If you can get that, or somewhat better (as prices are down a bit due to time) you’ll be doing well.

If you have VISTA, get no less then a gig of RAM, I recommend 2. However I’m sitting on one and running well enough even on RvR. The extra gig will just make it that much smoother.

My actual machine is two years old, the only real upgrade I’ve made is a video card.

What price ranges are you looking at?

Ogranoth blackhammer:

well. anywhere from 300 - 500.

i have windows XP. really i wnat to buy a whole new computer.

the one i’m currently typing with (aside from speakers, monitor, and keyboard) is ok, but my firend accidentally got a virus on my vid card, so i’m running of the video chip right now.