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So after a rather strange dream I had involving World Eaters (… don’t ask) it got me thinking about whether this would be something CD would do?

So by this I mean a few different scenarios:

Full scale military buildup with say 6 months build up.

“Imminent threat” scenarios, I.e. How do you respond if black Orcs and ogres assault Zharr Naggrund…

Regiment/ army rivalries, just CD fighting each other testing strength to first blood.

Also, perhaps the most intriguing would be any of the above combined with a hypothetical collapse in leadership.

So for example:  general and top 3 commanders “killed” in early stages of battle (in reality they just play dead).  What do you do, who takes command.  That sort of thing.

Good to test war machine crew in that type of scenario.


Does that mean they get hobgoblins and/or other slaves to LARP as greenskins, elves, men, etc? Or do CDs get chosen at random to be the enemy?


Well, we have a million slaves or something, so get each sorcerer to donate 10000 maybe to the games.