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Lord Darkash:

Okay chaps check out this link for the Warhammer online video of the month. Look out for the hell cannon firing near the end! :o



Paste us a link, buddy!

I know which one you mean, I have seen it. :wink: Others may not have.

It’s a sweet video.

Lord Darkash:

I hyperlinked the word link… it does work doesn’t it? added a normal link anyway…

Astroash the Silent:

Looks fantastic, watched all the other trailers and very impressed, however it looks that good I am concerned what impact this game will have on WHFB as a hobby.

I for one will be buying it and although I currently play the Total War series I have to date managed to avoid this type of online role playing mainly due to realising the detrimental effect the time spent on such games has on painting miniatures and playing warhammer!

If say 30% of all WHFB gamers around the world played this game and subscribe at say �15 per month or equivalent what effect will this have on money spent on GW products. Who will buy minis they will not have time to paint or game with due to commitment to WAR as no doubt like WOW advances will be more intrinsically linked to time spent online playing. WOW has in my gaming group teken away a lot of players as it gives them a��quick and affordable fantasy fix without as one put it "ending up in casualty again with my hand sliced open with a stanley knife cutiing flash of a badly cast GW model!!"

People already and with due cause are up in arms about the prices of this hobby but with an extra �15 per month disappearing this is extra GW boxed sets which will not be bought and so the downward spiral continues.

Could WAR end up being a double edged sword for GW, game purchase and subscriptions for the game but lower income from WHFB. What imapact on stores also will WHFB become a Specialist Game as 40K becoems the only product stocked in the stores that remain.

On average how much does a GW collector spend per month at the height of my involvement in the hobby I was prob buying about �20 per week which was pretty standard in my group. Plus prob about �100-�150 on release of a new army…all works out a lot more than a �30 game and �15 per month subscription.



I think it will bring new people to the hobby. Think, how many people who do it today only ever found out GW existed because they played Heroquest, Space Crusade or computer games like Fire Warrior(PC & PS2), Mark Of Chaos (PC), Dawn of War (and it’s sequals/expansions)(PC), Shadow of the Horned Rat (PC & PSX), Dark Omen (PC & PSX), Space Hulk (3DO, PC & PS1) or the really bad ones like Chaos Gate, Final Liberation and that eldar one Fate of something or other , I can’t even remember what it was called (All PC).

GW does not advertise, it’s solely by Word of Mouth or by the more popular computer games that new people realise that it exists at all. Breaking into the MMORPG market can only be a good thing for GW IMO.

Uzkul Werit:

I doubt it’ll spell the death of WFB. I for one, am not big on PC games of any description. The only one I played heavily was BFME2. A minatures game is better in my opinion because it’s more personal as you can customise everything and you actually get to see the person you’re playing against properly.

And besides, Chaos Dwarfs aren’t playable on it.


I think it will bring new people to the hobby. Think, how many people who do it today only ever found out GW existed because they played Heroquest...

*raises hand*

Having worked for GW for 5 weeks, I can honestly say that video games are like advertisements. My store at the Eaton Centre in Toronto had our Demo Space Marines painted as Blood Ravens from the 40k RTS game Dawn of War. We also had barracks and energy core conversions modeled after the buildings in the game. So many kids could instantly recognize the game for this reason and were more likely to try a demo game because of that. I even sold the boxed game to some.

Warhammer has the problem of being nerdy or uncool. But if you make the IP (Intellectual Property) well known and accepted, it becomes cool. The video games can do this, and thus make Warhammer cool.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Back on topic. When I forst saw the hellcannon for WAR in a video, it was the one where they first let people know about the HC. It makes a different noise EVERY time it fires. That’s cool!

Lord Darkash:

Lets not forget that as GW owns the IP concerned in its entirety it is very likely they get a, not insubstantial, chunk of the takings. Meaning more money by just letting out the ideas behind the fantasy world! Could be big money spinner for GW.

Next in line is surely a film of some sort…?


Next in line is surely a film of some sort...?

Lord Darkash
Like 300, only ...shorter:)


GW have actually produced a movie once called Inquisitor IMS. It was horrible.

- Tallhat

Traitor King:

We can imagine…

But I agree how a game will increase sales, even if its only introducing the hooby to people. A lot of GW’s money is made from newcomers who buy say, BFSP/Battle for Macagre (sp?) and some paints then then nothing more.