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Digging through some old stuff I found this and thought I’d share it :slight_smile:

�?� Married Man Bottle Test �?"

some players have wives or significant others in their lives, and live in fear if they return more than 30 minutes later than the time they had promised they would. When the deadline for leaving has expired, the player may choose to voluntarily bottle at the end of a round. This effectively ends the battle, unless by common consent people want it to continue. If a battle ends, then the players agree if one warband/Army achieved the scenario objective, taking into account casualties taken and dished out, as well as any special scenario rules. This may mean that the player choosing the married man’s bottle test wins.

�?� Wife or Significant Other:

This entity almost never appears in a game or on the board. They may be sighted nearby and my distract one of more of the players with chit chat, in between mocking the hobby of the players. They cause Fear in their partners if the game goes on too long, and may engage in hand to hand combat (armed with kitchen knives or pans, always strike first) if woken up on the player’s return.

Other special skills include:

Chill �?" the temperature of the room decreases by 2d6 degrees centigrade;

Slam �?" doors mysteriously are slammed shut reverberating round the entire house, all players must make a Fear test;

Phonecall - the mobile phone of the player is activated and they have to retreat to another room and make mollifying comments and promises of a swift return, they must make a Married Man’s bottle test when it is the end of the next round;

Stamp - this may be both a physical stamp of a metaphorical Stamp - when a stamp is carried out an immediate bottle test must be made - this skill may be used in conjunction with Phonecall skill;

Banish - the host’s WoSO may identify which visitor is causing the game to go beyond its expected duration, and may Banish this player from future attendance, the player will not be invited again;

Brownie Points - the WoSO can be mollified by the expenditure of Brownie Points. These are earnt for good behaviour, attendance at WoSO favoured events, buying presents and flowers and not spending every evening RPGing or Wargaming.

Have fun


Thommy H:

Sounds like you have some issues in your relationship.


I work very hard accumulating brownie points! I need them because of every day occurring other stupidities and I need all I can get.


Sounds like you have some issues in your relationship.

Thommy H
Marriage is about compromise, some people handle it better than others, some rewards are worth great risks!


No issues here. My missus is awesome!

This list was a bit of fun that got published in our local game group when I lived In Salisbury (about 10 years ago)