[Archive] Warhammer 40k Space Marine Video Game


Just had this brought to my attention.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Video Game

Thought i would bring it to yours! :cheers


Not all that impressed, the graphics look cool, but the gameplay isn’t really fluid enough for me. Thanks for finding it though


Its not even an alpha build yet and wasn’t supposed to be shown to the public. Its leaked footage. That said, it will probably be polished up a lot before release. Consider it a sketch of a final product.

That being said, I expected a bit more too, mainly in the way of larger battlefields and more enemies on screen. Personally, I hope it ends up more like Viking: Battle for Asgard where there were small battles and minor missions leading up to truly amazing large scale battles.


Hm, seems well-intentioned enough, although as GRNDL says a very early build. I also agree that a game in the style of “Viking” would be pretty cool for 40k. I will reserve judgment!

One thing that concerns me though: If I stab a man with a chainsword, he should not be “stunned” so that I can do something cool with him. He should be in pieces. Similarly, if I am blasting my bolter at someone, their head should be exploding! I demand a removal from the silly health-bar based video game system, to be replaced by killing lots of people with chainswords whilst their lasgun fire bounces ineffectively off my power armour.

This makes me think of the new Star Wars game too. If I hit a man with a laser sword, his health bar should not decrease. He should be dead.

Hashut’s Blessing:

See, I’ve not heard anything about this before, until Sousonou mentioned it to me and a lot of it feels like it might be a home-made trailer to spoof people. The HUD is empty and bland (furthering my belief it’s not real. No game has that much space to see gameplay with the HUD still on!), the idea of the gameplay is dull and pointless (it’s an MMORPG without levelling, roleplaying, quests, missions, AI enemies or customisation from what i know of it). I doubt I’ll bother with it, if I’m perfectly honest…

This isn’t saying it definitely isn’t, but it at least feels it to me.