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Hello guys,

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I just thought I had to share it.

Of course it is just a rumour so take it with a pinch of salt, but still posted from Darnok…Plus, it seems quite consistent regarding other rumours that appeared some month ago.

Whatever happen I’ll keep playing my Dawi Zharr:hat


If you like Warhammer, I suggest you better take a seat.

Over the last few months I got a few glimpses on what WHF could change to in the very near future. I have collected messages, asked questions, and tried to form a somewhat coherent picture. The one thing I believe by now is: Warhammer in its current form will no longer be supported by GW. It will be transformed into something else, with everything built up in background and most of the model range being kicked out of the door.

To give you an insight into some of the messages I got, have a look at the following. Please note that I am paraphrasing at times, and have cut out (hopefully) everything that could lead to the original identities of my friendly birdies.
- 9th Edition to pick up where the ET leaves off in fluff, plus a couple of hundred years or so (to reboot the setting).

- The Warhammer World gets shattered on a dimensional level during the climax of the ET. No more “map of the Old World” - it’s now little bubbles of reality, where pockets of civilisation try desperately to eke a living before the next collision with another bubble, which may be full of Chaos. (To address the problem of “how come my Tomb Kings of Khemri are fighting against Wood Elves from Athel Loren?”, not that I get the impression that either of those will still exist, but you get the idea)

- New faction… heavily armoured, religious, “good” human warriors fighting with the power of the gods. (Warhammer Space Marines, basically). Karl Franz Ascended seems to be the prototype or precursor for this concept, AFAICT.

9th edition will have 6 factions. Model diversity cut in half shelf space. New world and new age so current factions and lore aren’t recognizable at all. Each new faction has like 3 core units that will always be on the shelf. Much faster releases of stuff, mainly characters and special units of 2-5 fancy models (like Morghasts) that have their own rules right in the box, so not dependent on a static army book. Many of the these non-core models are only available for a limited time (say 6 months to a year), so they don’t take up shelf space forever and ever. Many existing models are not usable in 9th.

Another Birdy

We can expect the next edition of Fantasy to throw everything up in the air. The whole End Times move has been to wean people onto a whole new take on the Warhammer world and it’s going to start with every army being “chaosified”. We can expect army play styles and appearance to change quite dramatically and there will be a whole load of new models being released early on to tie everything together. This has caused quite a stir back at GW HQ as there are a lot of people behind the scenes (some of which are very well known to us) who don’t like the changes that have been made. I have also been told that the models due to be released are some of the best to date!

Birdy #3
Add to that (and by “Birdy Prime” I mean my best source so far):

‘9th’ [or] whatever is next for fantasy […] coming 2015 in the summer. The new faction [plus] future releases after this point for five ‘existing’ factions (which plus this would make six)

Birdy Prime
As you can see, it will be drastic. It seems like those �?zSpanish rumours�?o might have had some more flesh on them than I thought: I am by now sorry for my sometimes nasty words about them. And despite my remorse about ever mentioning it, I think my statement about a �?zragestorm of epic proportions�?o could have been correct after all.

This whole thing will turn out to be either correct or not in less than six months. Hopefully we can get over our worst emotions until then.

P.S.: I have sat on most of this since right before Christmas, but decided I didn’t want to ruin anybodies holidays. I also had high hopes for somebody relieving me from this stuff… but that hope was lost.



Thanks for the link!

If this was coming from anyone but Darnok I would be like: “just rumors! Lets save the hate till its warranted”

But Darnok nearly always gets his rumors right- I’m still not convinced, but I’m thrice as worried as yesterday :frowning:


Some elements sound like a good decision, some like a bad. Chucking all the previous lore seems like a huge risk, but I will tell you this: I can’t see it making a difference because most of the writing is so terrible, even in the current state of fluff. They don’t have the writing talent or editorial comprehension to pull it off, so the rules and models had better be awesome…


It looks like they want to change quite a few things, it seems like they want to follow the template of things like fantasy flights table top war games like dust and x wing. Just without the paint

It will be a big shame if everything changes as drastically as the above post implies.


Something like this will not be called Warhammer. It will have a silly spangly name like “Warhammer: After the Fall”. Sounds even closer to my guess of Dwarfs all becoming Chaos Dwarfs.

A CCG-style limited release scheme completely wipes out my remaining interest in the game. I don’t have the energy to keep up with the latest paradigm shift caused by a new set of models that can only be dealt with by another set that is no longer on sale. That is when I duck out completely, since I won’t be able to ever rock up with the new army book for sporadic games.



To drastic, I dont believe these rumors.

Here we will stick to 8th without ET as we already do, if this is true then this is it for me atleast.

Thommy H:

Nah, won’t happen.

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I can see some business logic here:

Reducing factions to 6 means much faster turnaround of fluff and models = more cash.

Do I presume that shops will only stock new models for 6 months max, after which they’ll be online only?  

Edit.  Also, the thought of them ‘chaosifying’ most of the model range is awesome actually.  I’ve thought for years they should look like they’re in a battle and not dressed up pretty for one.

But on the downside…

How can you reduce this down even more to 6 without completely re-writing them or discontinuing?

Also, shifting the timeline hundreds of years means killing off every single non elf/chaos/undead/dwarf/ otherwise immortal character.

A paradigm shifting world without a basis is quickly going to lose all support if it doesn’t even have a map.

I don’t mind at all an additional game Warhammer: 2.7k (or whatever the year is in the IC calendar), but leave WHFB as it is!


Thinking about this, they could have Army Books AND Faction lists. They don’t have to drop army lists.  So basically split new releases into:

High/Dark/ Wood Elves & Lizardmen (oldest races)
Dwarfs/ Empire/ Bretonnians (the old pact)
VC and TK (Undead)
Ogres & Orcs & Skaven (forces of unaligned anarchy)
Plus this fictional 6th.


looks like i should start saving up money now for my chaosified new dwarf faction :]


Also, shifting the timeline hundreds of years means killing off every single non elf/chaos/undead/dwarf/ otherwise immortal character.
You have read the ET books, right? ;) Although if dimensions are being shattered, what relevance does time have? You could do what you want.

New models only being in stores for 6 months? I could definitely see that happening (it kind of does now). But current models being completely unusable in 9th? Nope, makes no sense. Combined into bundle kits, like all 3 types of elves together? Maybe. Repackaged, sure. Thrown out? That would just be stupid considering how much steel moulds cost. These are miniatures, not Magic cards. More importantly, this would mean throwing away all their IP, which is an idea so absurd I would only expect to find it on WarSeer.


The question is fellow dawi zharr’s: would chaos dwarfs take a seat with these six new factions? Most assuredly not. :frowning:


Well, if they’re just releasing random models that vaguely fit in with a faction I’d say CD actually would’ve stood more of a chance than usual.

However, once the dust settles on the new way forwards CD are still FW’s and nothing needs to change.  The Legion of Azgorh can still march into the Empire or wherever else it likes in the new world order.

Hell, GW could give FW the rights to remake whatever it likes from the current range that’s being discontinued. Only better, and cheaper. :wink:

Nope, only a bit of the way through Nagash.

Morgrim Blackbeard:

Cant see them discontinuing too much…there are plenty of newish plastic kits that would be madness to ditch…the tooling costs alone for a plastic sprue are astronomical…myself i think there will be changes but all armies will still be available under sub armies of factions. So while the Empire Brets and Dawi might be combined as one army you will still be able to field one of these alone…interesting times ahead.


Also, shifting the timeline hundreds of years means killing off every single non elf/chaos/undead/dwarf/ otherwise immortal character.

Why, do they stop having children or something?
How can you reduce this down even more to 6 without completely re-writing them or discontinuing?
How about:
Elves & Lizardmen
Ogres & Orcs
Chaos & Skaven

I could actually see this as being more of an extra project, while allowing Warhammer Classic (c) to continue as a less supported game.

I'm still not all that convinced, it's all too weird to be all true. I guess we'll find out on April 1st.


Don’t think so, or at least hope so…


I agree with baggranor that losing the IP would be a massive loss to GW. I can only guess how much they make from video game companies as well as fantasy flight and black library.

A world with no set borders, no maps, and chaos everywhere might as well just be a random medieval planet in the 40k universe.

This will throw away a massive portion of the war hammer fan base. I personally would not be interested in the above mentioned version of the game and would probably just collect and paint random models.


Am I right in thinking that Warmachine is basically in a semi constant state of escalation fluffwise? So every new release adds to their gaming world because it has never been seen before and doesn’t need ret-conning.

I could see warhammer being like that.

Fuggit Khan:

I don’t like the idea of Warhammer becoming a CCG system/style. If it comes to that I won’t play 9th edition.

People can still choose to play whatever edition they want…I still play 4th edition (and the old siege rules) from time to time and find it way more fun than the current 8th edition rules.

The funnest games that I play are 6 players with 1000 pt armies playing a free-for-all last man standing on a single board with NO magic lore. Magic items are used, but no casting of any magics/dispels/winds of magic…just a total ‘everybody against everybody’ slug fest.

Basically, make of the game what you want :hat off


Man if they do that I will never buy a single thing form them again!


I know everyone jokes about how little GW cares for their customers, but I think this one is a bit too far fetched.

I’m glad that previous edition books don’t just crumble into dust and old minis become unusable when the new edition comes out if this rumour is true as I’ll be sticking to 8th ed.

Addressing the ‘Fantasy Space Marines’ rumour specifically (spurred on by the 'it just makes Fantasy a generic 40k planet comments above :wink: ) - why not just bring back Specialist Games, and make a new Necromunder/Mordheim style game set on a 40k world, then to encourage more people to buy them make an overpriced iPad mini-codex to flog them as an allied contingent to Imperial Guard? That way they ecourage some of those of us who fondly remember SG to shell out on the new game, get to flog those minis, get some people shelling out on the overpriced mini-codex AND you don’t drive off any Fantasy players (if anything you even get some expanding into 40k via the new game). Conversely, doing it the way the rumour has, you don’t get the old guard excited hoping their favourite SG has a shot at revival, you don’t get to flog the overpriced mini-codex and you drive off some of your Fantasy player base by making them feel like you’re crapping all over their beloved game (and there’s probably been a few already due to ET).