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hehe, people helping.

melic: where sorta thin on things to playtests at the moment but when we at least have a hero’s point value set i’ll let you know

servirus: cool, want to try on the front cover, and please try and include hats and masks since diffferent people have different veiws


Ok i have a Preliminary Cover for the Play Test i took the inspiration from the Chapter Approved books. i think it would be great for a playtest… BTW i have started on a template in Pagemaker already which i was using to make some of the WD lists look better… I would love to Compile the book if i could…


It looks really good


I can help with the fluff, I’m generally real good at creative writing, whoever is at the head of that jus PM with what sort of stuff you got and what you want an i’ll see what i can do. If your intrested tha is :smiley:


Since i’m pretty poor at drawing, and haven’t played a ame of warhammer in months, i’d like to help out with rules development and whatnot, I have a few ideas of stuff, and would like to contribute to the project :hat off.


Ummm, I know I’m late to seeing this thread… but I do have a bit of experience writing army lists guys :wink:



i could do some artwork to, but only black/white ones


i dont get why, your making an ultimatly pointless book, why dont you try what i tried and failed, using all the same rules in the pdf but clarify them, for example we have enough unit selection why dont you just make the pdf spread out and get rid of all questions harboring chaos dwarf’s,

for example we have loads of units:

Chaos Dwarf Lord
sorcerer Lord
Bull Centaur lord

Chaos Dwarf hero
Bull Centaur Hero
Hobgoblin Hero

Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Hobgoblin Wolf Boys

Bolt thrower
Death Rocket
Black Orcs
Orc Archers
Sneaky Gitz

Bull Centaurs

and just add a few DOW to fatten it out

ogre’s and lead belchers in rare for fluff’s sake

keep the rules the same but make a nice fat book for the new players, in the end this will Benefit more people and ultimatly attract more players. right now we have more units than half of the armies that are currently out, lets keep it that way,

use diagrams from 4th edition book for example blunderbuss, and earth shaker etc, get the rules from 7th ed orc and goblin book and ogre kingdoms, use the fluff that has been created by you guys, have a 10 page masterclass and show the best on this site and a guide to convert bfsp, no point making a half assed book, lets go for it and make hashut proud by sticking to the rules.
i would help for that book because everyone will be able to use it and ultimatly gain more players and if it sticks to the pdf there would be a chance this may be picked up by gw, trust me.

and to keep everyone happy dedicate a few pages at a back for custom units such as hell cannon immortals etc and maybe chaos dwarf magic but only apon opponents agreement

Dux Ducis:

So what’s happening here? Is this still going ahead? Over at Warseer there is a thread where heaps of people are gathering, brainstorming and discussing new unit types and ideas for a 7th edition incarnation of Chaos Dwarfs.


Ok ppl i se that you tried to do sth or at least told you wanted. I have some ideas about how ChD could look like. Here are some ideas

- Blunderbusses should be changed.I think that it has S3 all the time but instead it doesnt hit on 4+ all the time, but on 4+ if there is only one rank of blunderbussers and +1 for every full rank, up to 2+ for three ranks.Otherwise, everything is as it was.


Characters: As they were.


- warriors and hobgoblins. Hobbos count as core choice, but there must be less or equal of their units to the ChD warrior units

- a slavemaster. Sth to boost hobgoblin units morale and efectivity(with the gelp of a whip). Also, he is sth like a weak char, with 2A, and does not count as a core choice:hat


it would be cool to see a hobgoblin lord :stuck_out_tongue:


nope, no hobbos rise to such a high power. As for now, im writing sth like an army list for newChD. Mabe it wont be perfect, but it can be changed. Also, id like to get any unit to write fluff about it.:hat


nope, no hobbos rise to such a high power. As for now, im writing sth like an army list for newChD. Mabe it wont be perfect, but it can be changed. Also, id like to get any unit to write fluff about it.:hat

Hobgoblins most certainly rise to such power...
Just not within Chaos Dwarf armies. :idea

But.. Mogglah Khan is just a random rebel from the Hobgoblin hordes and he is a Hobgoblin Lord. The actual Hobgobala Khan and his generals are certain to be even stronger.


this project sorta died, if you wanna restart it theres a subfoum on here somehwere

zorn sabretooth:

i’m willing to playtest


What this project needs is a leader… IF what your are talking about is redesigning the armybook or just fixing the holes is the current list…


it was a new book, but all intrest seemed to flee from it

and when TFB left, halfof the leaderness left too

I’m willing to try and restart it though


Gil’ suggestion is actually the correct one IMHO. Grimstone did some phenominal work on his version and there is nothing wrong with that.

That being said it diverges away from what chaos dwarfs are right now… At least in our semi legal list form…

Clarfication of the rules fixing the stuff that is broken and bringing it to 7th is a worthy goal.


Is there any blank space for a young hobbiest like me? I’d like to work with you…


I’m not saying that I should be the one to take this over. All too often people say they will do something; then realize the time and effort required and then it dies a death of neglect. In order to pull this off someone would have to be über dedicated to the task and have laser focus on this.

In short whoever undertakes this has to be a dictator or nothing gets done. It hasn’t  for almost a year that the various ideas for a book have been floating around I. Equally varied threads.

I’m also not convinced on what this would entail as grabbing large swathes from the 4th edition book is probably Verboten…