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Thought you guys might be interested that this guy’s released a slave army list. I’ve not read it yet but they’re normally pretty decent lists.

Warhammer Armies Project: Warhammer Armies: Hobgoblins out now!

He also mentions he’s 151 pages into a chaos dwarf book which could be interesting.


Just had a 1st glance at the book - looks really interesting! :cheers

Some cool ideas!

Must think about some aspects and then I might incorporate sereral units in my CD army! :wink:

Cool find and thanx for sharing! :hat off



Is it strange that I recognised the user name (he is a user here), but he’s never posted anything…?


Ha! Someone’s using my art! I’m starting to feel important now ^^

Thommy H:

By “important” you mean “stolen from”, right?


It looks pretty good,his troops are about 1 pt to cheap IMHO

He really should have asked permission about the art though it would have been polite



@ThommyH : You realize your name is in the table of contents, right? (‘Source Material’)

edit: (and what I mean by that is that you’ve probably been stolen from as well…)

Thommy H:

Oh yeah, he seems to have used my Sandwyrm idea.

My take on Hobgoblins.

Time of Madness:

At least he gave you credit. Did Skink get some credit as well?

Time of Madness

Thommy H:

Credit is all very well - traditionally one asks permission before using another person’s work.


Indeed.  Which goes for GW art as well.

Looks very well done though.


By "important" you mean "stolen from", right?

Thommy H
Reading his answer regarding the status of his upcoming Chaos Dwarf book makes me rather ...curious about where he's going to pull background material from:
Working on it right now, currently at 151 pages(!), sorting through all the material. Seeing as there is barely anything I need to write in it myself, that one should be pretty quick.

(Emphasis is mine)

Thommy H:

Yeah, I don’t think I like the sound of that at all.

EDIT: I’ve just outright asked him if he’s using stuff I’ve written now. The fact that he has my (former) full name in the credits implies he’s read my book, and if his book is based on things appropriated from fanlists, I figure he must have lifted some of my work. And that is not something that I’m happy about.


Well, after all the efforts you put in your book (which is a great work by the way I haven’t complimented yet with ya;)) you have all the rights to ask for permission AND to get upset!

Regarding my art it was just an old piece I did for fun and that casually ended in WoH (and your book!)… I’m cool if other people use it!


I suppose I should feel slighted then that I didn’t get a mention in the credits for Axe Headroom. I mean really, it’s right here in this post. Honestly, not cool.

… Oh, and also been copied:

Armour of the Wind Fortress

Wyrdstone Crown

Lucky�?Ts Paw (which I decided I didn’t even like as the fluff sucked and I’ve since removed it from my own book)

I’m lucky I didn’t put my other weapon name in that list from my Hobgoblin Army book, as it’s also one that’s featured in the current Artisan’s Contest.

Thommy H:

Regarding my art it was just an old piece I did for fun and that casually ended in WoH (and your book!)...
Yeah, but the difference is that I asked before I used it! The same goes for all the art in my book. And since this guy obviously lurks here (I didn't post my Hobgoblin articles anywhere else) and did enough research to find out my full name, he should at least have the decency to send me a PM to ask whether he can use my work.

EDIT: He's confirmed a lot of his Chaos Dwarf book was written by me and claimed he was going to ask permission before he posted it. Like with the Hobgoblin book then, yeah? Right.


Some people think it’s better to seek forgiveness than to seek permission…

Thommy H:

In case it’s not completely clear, I am beyond furious about this.

Kera foehunter:

come on guys !!!your probably this guy hero and live in the shadow of your great work…

some people standard our not as high as yours…

just let it go sweetie

we all know the truth

Thommy H:

If he wants to be in my shadow, he should make that clear. He knew where to find me.