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Hi folks,
a friend of mine was on the N�rnberg Toy Fair where the toy industry presents the new stuff for the year. GW was also there and presented a flyer plus some real models of the fantasy terrain that appears in some previous rumour threads.
He gave me the flyer and a photo of the gaming board. So here are the possibly first pics of these fantastic terrain pieces due summer this year.
Pic 1-3 are the buildings "watch tower", "chapel" and "walls and fences" (no wind mill yet as rumoured), pic 4 shows the big box including kits 1-3. Pic 5 shows "arcane ruins". Pic 6 are the plastic trees, mounted on one terrain piece, pic 7+8 are two new hills, pic 9 shows the modular gaming board in action with some other terrain pieces on it. I will add a second pic of the board with its bag in a minute.
Here we go (be aware that the pics are big, around 100-400kb ea.):

Source: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1267117#post1267117

I think these things look great. I sure hope they are affordably priced. I hav also heard rumour that they are combining the rules for Mordheim into a Smirmish style of Warhammer. I would love to play some Warband Skirmish style games with my Chaos Dwarfs. :)

Hashut’s Blessing:

They actually look quite good. You can pre-order them for 10% off at this link- http://www.wargamestore.com/


That’s a pretty neat store.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I know. I found it and was like WHOA! It’s best to buy quite a few things though. I can’t remember how much P&P is, but you want to save money AND not have to go out, so bulk buying is best usually.

Pyro Stick:

If you live in UK then order from www.maelstromgames.co.uk . Those buildings might be really good if they arent too expensive. Ive been looking for some good buildings for my local club for ages


http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk Ships most everywhere, I believe. But they are stupid because THEY DON’T STOCK THE HELLCANNON! lol

Pyro Stick:

Hmmm. I never noticed that. I wonder why?


I don’t know, I even emailed them about it. They haven’t replied…


Just noticed this on Warhammer-empire. Can’t vouch for its accuracy, but it seems likely that they would have finalised the prices by now since it is due to be released in June. Anyway…

Fences & Walls Box ~ 15 Eur (Contains 3 Fences and 3 Walls)

Chapel Box ~ 19 Eur

Tower Box ~ 25 Eur

Fortified Mansion Box ~ 69 Eur (Contains all 3 Boxes and in addition not seperate available 3 fortified wall pieces and a “middle-piece” to combine Tower and Chapelle into Mansion)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Church Corner �4.99

Derelict Cottage �4.99

Large Conifer Tree �1.35

Large Spruce Tree �1.35

Small Derelict Town House �4.99

All of which are the prices on the site that I stated. �2.99 for delivery, regardless. that’s pretty good IMO. 10% off AND only �2.99 for P&P.