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they state if you have allergies and food requirements to email them and they will make food you can have, they are quite good at that sort of thing

Even so, the price of the ticket isn't the only expense.
If there was a ticket price without food that may see more of a turn out.

I'm not really sure what you're asking anymore, Disco.  You didn't like that the ticket was so expensive, and when it was explained that it was to cover the cost of food, you brought up a solid point;  what about allergies?  But they are apparently more than willing to take care of people in that regard.

Staying in a hotel, and transport related cost is part and parcel of the tournament circuit regardless of the game system you play.  I just returned from an eight hour drive for a weekend tournament that five guys from my town attended - you do it because it is your vacation, and it is fun.  If you don't want to go, you don't have to, but the pricing on this particular tournament is more than reasonable given what you are receiving (three hot heals, and the standard huge GW prize support).


I expect that the meals are arranged such that people won’t leave at lunch time and get back late. Annoying having your tournament screwed up because their opponent got stuck in traffic on their way back from the cafe.


I’m willing to bet you’re right, Cornixt. The more control tourney organisers have, the better it becomes overall.

Though, hot meals, and bar service at the table is impressive. I’m just used to Pizza on the saturday. Maybe one of these years I’ll try heading across the pond to go to one of these - I’ll expect one of you to be my partner. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s just agree that some people will find this price to be out of their range;

Especially with the added cost of travel/accommodation, & as such won’t be able to go.

-That for some people, this will not be an issue at all, be it locality, dispensable income etc.

-& also that some people think that a tournament run by the game’s creators should be more open/affordable.


I was just thinking, if this tournament was in my town.

I can bring my own food & go home to my own bed.

I feel £45 is still too much.

I went to a tournament last year, 5 games over 2 days £25 all you can drink/eat with prize support.

And I could take non-GW models. (In fact, I could never go to GW run tournament for that reason, lol).