[Archive] Warhammer Forge Newsletter # 15 (or Pretty stuff that should be but isn't CD)


Hi there,
            It�?Ts been a busy start to October here at Forge World, and we�?Td first like to thank everyone who came to see us at the Games Days held recently in both the UK and Australia. Continuing the Games Day theme, this week�?Ts newsletter announces the release of two jaw-droppingly detailed models first available at Games Day UK: the Vampire Counts Battle Standard Bearer and the Incarnate Elemental of Beasts.
Vampire Counts Wight King Battle Standard Bearer
The first of this week�?Ts new releases is another amazing resin character model designed by the talented Edgar Skomorowski. Marching implacably forth from the benighted land of Sylvania, encrusted with grave-dirt and swathed in the ragged and tarnished wargear of a bygone age, this long-dead Wight King has been raised from the grave by arcane and unhallowed magics.
Such a horror is a common sight among the ranks of the Undead, and these fell warriors are often entrusted with the standard of their loathsome master, guarding the tattered colours with nerveless skill and a sharp blade. The Drakenhof Banner that this resin Vampire Counts Wight King Battle Standard Bearer carries is packed with incredible detail, and the model is available to order now for immediate despatch.

Incarnate Elemental of Beasts
Known in legend as the Bloody Hidesman, the Horned Man or the Faceless Hunter, the Incarnate Elemental of Beasts can only be summoned through savage and secret rites all but unknown outside the Amber College and the hellish Bray-Shamans of the hordes of mutant beasts that skulk in the dark places of the world. It is a towering, half-human figure that embodies the ferocity and merciless hunger of the wild, a mortal form binding the turbulent spirits of numberless predators.
The masters of the hidden Lore of Ghur speak of bloody rituals performed before a great idol of beast skulls and dripping, flensed skins, and the terrible price to be paid for the service of the Bloody Hidesman. Yet such is the dire need in these endless days of war that engulf the world that the power of the Incarnate Elemental of Beasts is often required.
The Incarnate Elemental of Beasts, designed by Keith Robertson, is a base and brutal servant-form, created to defend an Amber Wizard and destroy his foes. This highly detailed and immense full resin monster is the perfect centrepiece for any army. It is available to order now for immediate despatch, and experimental rules for this fell creature can be downloaded from the Forge World website.



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