[Archive] Warhammer forge scenario #1 Circle the Wagons


I’m trying to write a few scenarios we can use to both encourage people to play CD and to buy a WF model.


This is a typical last stand scenario, where the defenders have brought their war machines close together and filled the gaps with walls to defend.


The Attacker chooses his force using the army list from a Warhammer Armies book, or the Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos Book.  The defender must either chose his force using the army list from the Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos Book, or by using the points and rules for the Chaos Dwarf things from this book with a suitable Chaos Dwarf list (such as Ravening Hordes).  The army must include at least one Siege Bombard.

The Attackers army is twice the size of the defenders.  


Terrain should be deployed in any mutually acceptable manner.  


Deployment zones are shown in the map below (needs map, Attackers 8�?� away on all side, Defenders zone in the middle of the battlefield).

1. Players take it in turns to deploy each unit at a time.  All war machines must be deployed first, at the same time, but can be deployed in different areas of the deployment zone.

2. Within the Defender deployment zone, any Warhammer Forge wagons should be deployed with the longest side at an edge of the deployment zone.  After this has been done, any remaining gaps in the perimeter may be filled with standard walls or Blazing Barricades before more units are placed.

3. The Attacker may not deploy units that can Scout within the Defenders deployment zone.


The Defender goes first.


The game lasts 6 turns.


Use victory points to determine the winner, as described in the 8th ed Warhammer Rulebook.

At the end of the battle the Defender gets +25 VP for each of their units 5 models or more that are not fleeing within the Defenders deployment zone.


War machines inside the Defenders deployment zone that are �?~destroyed�?T are not removed from the battlefield.  They are classed as Blazing Barricades for the remainder of the battle.

All models in the Defending army have +1 Leadership, up to a maximum of Ld 10.  This is to represent the fact that they are outnumbered and surrounded.


nice scenario you made here! although i would change the +1Ld into stubborn.