[Archive] Warhammer Forge Skaven

Thommy H:


New Skaven sub-section on the WF website. Interestingly, rules for both monsters are presented as Scrolls of Binding for Storm of Magic games rather than additions to the Skaven book (although they refer to them as “Binding Scrolls” instead…) which I think is kind of cool.


I like the vermin lord. I prefer the old one that GW used to make but it’s still pretty cool.


Cool models! I’ve always had a soft spot for the Skaven, infact it was seeing Andy Rat-man Chambers Skaven in White Dwarf years ago that first attracted me to Warhammer. I’ve tried starting a Skaven army a number of times but couldn’t get away with painting them. Maybe i’ll have another try?!


I agree that it is cool that the monsters are used for scrolls of binding, although I do think that it is odd that they are not also options for the skaven book. Any way, the models themselves are pretty damn nice and the rules are pretty damn good as well :smiley:

I will be looking forward to future WF releases.


Like the Vermin Lord, though I have the original who is possibly one of the coolest models ever made.

The Brood thingy is nice, would make a decent Abomination if you’re sick of everyone’s looking the same. Which I am.

infact it was seeing Andy Rat-man Chambers Skaven
They got me into Skaven back in 5th. Awesome army.


The Vermin Lord is superb. Shame it’s crap in the game (although it may be better in Storm of Magic).

The Brood Horror looks a lot better than I expected too. I think it’s still a bit Nurgly for my taste though (although it would look good in a Clan Pestilens army).


Not really a Skaven type of person though I sort of like the Vermin Lord. I like the fact that they have done the rules as a Binding Scroll meaning that any army can field one, though I don’t think I’ll bother and save my coin for the Bale Taurus.




I like the model, but I really dislike the fact that it is standing on such an recognisable piece of scenery. It means that it looks that much more standard whenever I see an uncoverted one.